Monday, April 23, 2012

The Intertragic Notch


(please ignore goofed up application of nail polish
on thumb. ;-) Milani "Dressmaker")

I have an intertragic notch.  You have an intertragic notch.  As a matter of fact, you and I both have a couple of intertragic notches.  Yesterday while walking I was reflecting on the intricacy of the human ear.  I am in the process of drawing one now and they are not easy.  Of course I was familiar with the bottom part of the ear being called the lobe.  I thought that was the only part that was named.  Now I know the visible part of the ear is called the pinna. I got out my favorite drawing book and looked up how to draw an ear.  It was surprising to me to learn all the shapes, ridges and rims have a name! 

By studying this illustration in the book, it has helped me understand the parts and will help me draw future ears. I am smiling as I type this, realizing how unimportant this is to most people.  Who knows, this question may pop up on Jeopardy one night.  The visible part of an ear that resides outside the body. What is a pinna?

From one of my favorite books,  Drawing The Head and
Figure by Jack Hamm.

Since I have checked this book out twice,  Classical Life Drawing Studio,  from the local
library, I may just have to break down and purchase my own copy.

Another favorite of mine.

Dear readers, thank you so much for your time spent reading this.  Well, for me it's back to the drawing board.



Clint said...

Vewwy intewesting!

Just think---all these years and I did not know I have a pinna. I thought it was just an ear, but now I know it is sooo much more!

Gotta run now---my intertragic notch needs scratching.

Cindy Ellison said...

You are cracking me up, husband, with the offline remarks you are making about the pinna. Yes it is true, our pinnas and noses get larger as we age. Hmmm, maybe it has somerhing to do with our heads (brains) shrinking. :) l am glad I cleared it up for you that your intertragic notch is on the other end of your body. Woooo Hoooo

Clint said...

If one has a small pinna, is there such a thing as pinna enhancement to bolster one's confidence?

Shelly said...

I had no idea about all these intricacies of the ear. I love learning things like this and can't wait to see more of your incredible works of art!

Carol Blackburn said...

OK now Cindy, you are good. Do you know what to call that little indentation between your nose and your lip? You can tell Clint his pinna and other parts (of the ear) keep growing until one dies so he only has to wait awhile to be "fully grown." :)