Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Complex Lives

Yesterday I was filing more paperwork in our file cabinet and was thinking of how more complex life is today. Thinking back to the 1950s, I can remember the only bills that we received were the electric bill (water might have been included with it), maybe a magazine subscription bill, we always paid the paper boy (yes, boy ... I don't recall any girls delivering our newspaper). The only credit card I remember us having was for a nice department store.  Every  Southern woman had to have a department store credit card, especially for phone orders, too. Many of you may remember they were embossed metal.

I made some photographs of our file cabinet drawers, this is after many files were discarded
when we moved and even after we moved!  Also not included are our personal files, Clint's and mine.

Remember the days we were able to go purchase a new tv,  bring it home, plug in one cable and watch it ... and that was all there was to it?  It also occurred to me of how we all are now controlled with cable tv, medical insurance,, etc. ... oh don't get me started!

The tangled mess behind and beside our tv.

The most amazing part is we got the thing working
without enlisting professional help, having a total breakdown
or killing each other!  ;-D



Clint said...

Times are certainly different. My pet peeve is how medical treatment has changed.

Used to be, you went to the doctor and paid the doctor and that was it. Now, you go to the doc and it is all about insurance---what they will pay for and what they won't. The medicine you take, the surgery you get, the tests---all depend on the boss---the insurance company. The old days were better.

Carol Blackburn said...

Ha, looks like you've been looking around my house, Cindy. I have those same wire tangles in the living room and behind my computer.
Enjoy your day.

Nova said...

Oh yes, time changed. Some things are easier but for sure a lot of things were better in the old days.

Hoping your are feeling good, thanks also for your visits and comments on my blog. I appreciate it too.

Take care

greetings to you and Clint

Shelly said...

Oh the things that tail and trail us nowadays. They haven't made life better, that's for sure~