Sunday, May 6, 2012

Supermoon 2012

This morning Clint yelled out that I'd better hurry to see the
the supermoon as it was going down.  I was in such a hurry, I lost one of my new
contact lens running to snap this picture. I caught the moon in the nick of time.

This was made at 6:30 am, EST.

Clint found my contact lens by using a flash light.
It was stuck to the wooden floor but was not harmed. ;~D


Friday we were sitting on our patio when I could not
believe my eyes when I saw the beautiful moon.
This was made before dark and I was pleased with the
photo especially since I was not using a DSLR camera.

This photo was made last night, it had a more golden glow
than the one I made Friday evening.



Clint said...

Man, I ain't never seen moons like that! And you captured 'em, too. Especially that monster golden apparition on the horizon early this mornin'...WOW!!!

Nova said...

I've read about that it should have been a phenomenon.

Great shot's!!!!

Best wishes and take care


Thisisme. said...

Fabulous shots of that super moon. You did really well there. Love the first one, and I'm glad you didn't miss it. Wonder you could see with one contact lens missing. Hee Hee!

Carol Blackburn said...

Such great shots of the moon, Cindy. Isn't it amazing how the moon fascinates us all? Glad you found your lens :)

Shelly said...

Those pictures are absolutely stunning. I am literally open mouthed in awe, looking at them!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are fabulous !! We missed seeing that BIG
old moon so your pic's are almost as good as seeing it in person. Thanks Cindy
XOXO Ginny

Emma said...

I noticed the fuller looking moon on Saturday evening! What a sight!

Emma x

Sabine said...

wonderful pics. Love them ♥
Greetings Sabine