Sunday, May 27, 2012

Today's Encounter with Thieves

An interesting old mug shot from the Jane Thompson
AKA Gordon by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museum

This morning I was in the garden department of a local "big box store".  I was wandering inside amongst the live plants and could hear and see two women outside through the thick foliage.  The thick plants were all that separated us when I heard one say to the other, "Won't-che git ye a yeller 'un."  I kinda smile a little to myself when I hear this dialect around here.  My smile soon turned to a grimace when I realized the woman were stealing plants!  Their car was pulled up next to the sidewalk and they were making a haul.  I realize sometimes you pre-pay such as when you get mulch, etc.  It seemed evident to me these two characters had not prepaid and had no intention of paying.  Imagine this in broad and bright Sunday morning sunlight!  I went inside the actual store building and mentioned to the garden department cashier what I had witnessed and she said no one had come through to pre-pay.  She summons another employee to go outside and check on the matter.

Meanwhile, I walk through the store and have to go to the front lobby.  I glanced outside and see the two thieves have driven down to another large plant display and are still loading it up.  I am not kidding when I tell you the trunk was open and the back seat was full of plants!  There was no sign of the garden department guy.  I reentered the store and repeated my story to a male greeter.  I go to get my cart and the greeter reenters the store but by this time the thieves had made their getaway. 

I am a little jittery after witnessing this stealing. The greeter told me last year the "shrinkage" (STOLEN GOODS) amounted to over $890,000 from that store alone.  He said the employees were rewarded with a pizza party for keeping the number lower than the previous year.  I was astonished!  He also shared that it was a hassle with the court dates and the employees having to take off from work to testify that it is easier to just let the shoplifters go. Sigh, sigh.

After shopping my plan was to put the cold items in the cooler, go to the gym and work out and then head home. I realized I had forgotten my card to swipe at the gym to open the door.  About five minutes later on my way home a car was exiting off the interstate, I was very aware that he looked as though he was not going to stop.  He did not stop and yield, he pulled right in front of me and then crossed over to the other lane!  I had heard on the radio a few days ago that more red lights are run on Memorial Day weekend than any other time of the year.

By this time I had experienced just too much of the world for one bright sunny morning.  I forgot about working out and decided to just stay home.  Surely I can escape some of the world's perils by just staying in my little world here at home ... alone with Clint, the birds, my art and books.


Clint said...

Just be glad you are home with the man of your dreams. Ha.

Pretty damn sad commentary on life in this country nowadays...stores no longer want to stop shoplifting because it is too much trouble and cost. Just let 'em steal the stuff and pass the resultant cost increases along to the honest folks. Is this a great kauntry, or what?

OK, well, I'm gettin'hungry---think I'm gonna go shoplift us some steaks for din-din.

Shelly said...

Oh, stuff like that is infuriating! It seems like the store wasn't too concerned with it, either, based on their languid response. What you sow, you reap, and folks like those are going to find it out soon enough.

Anonymous said...

America is no longer what it once was ..Integrity has been lost ...I work in the finance department of a car dealership and I am amazed at how many people come in plunk down a smooth $500 down payment and then drive off to never make another payment and we "do nothing"...its incredible....I just stand amazed and in an unbelievable mode of "are you serious"???? I'm with you is within the boundaries of life that I find right here at home....
Home with Clint must be a riot...LOL