Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crossing Paths

The tranquil river view George was enjoying as he sat there
smoking his cigar.

Sunday Clint and I were scouting out potential fishing spots. We headed out for a spot on the Clinch River. I was familiar with this river access from long ago, my famiy had often fished there.

As we pulled down the little gravel road to the river, the first thing we noticed was an old truck. I do mean old truck.

There was a man sitting on the river bank smoking a cigar, enjoying the majestic river view with his best friend Fred. The man went on to explain he was not fishing that day, he had only brought Fred so he could cool off in the river.

The stranger's name was George, he said he had moved to this area from southern California two years ago after having visited a friend here. He made the decision after the visit here to move here, saying "it was the most beautiful place he'd ever seen." He left some famiy members behind in California. In his past he told us he had worked as a carpenter and a mechanic. I couldn't have agreed more with George's statement about this area's beauty. I was thinking of my own desperation to return home to Tennessee.

George's best friend Fred cooling off in the Clinch River ... I had said "Smile Fred" as I
snapped this picture.  Contrary to the way he looks in the photo,
he was very friendly and lovable.

Oh, about that truck ... I had noticed it had a California
tag in front.  It was a 1952 Ford and was not just
any old truck ...

George's truck had been used in the production and
promotion of the hit TV series

Sanford and Son.

 George made an impression on us. We left wondering about George's "story". Clint and I are always wondering about peoples' "stories". Often we say, "I would love to know his or her story." We all have a story. They are so darn fascinating to me. Within minutes of meeting George, I was thinking he was an interesting character. Yes, it did cross my mind that he would have been a good blog subject but he was there enjoying the peace and solitude of the beautiful day and I wanted to respect it. Our entire encounter only lasted about 20 minutes but Clint and I are still talking about George and Fred. It's still a mystery to me why this stranger has made such an impression on us. We can't explain it.

Just had to pull up the old Sanford and Son theme song. My mom and I used to laugh together when we would watch it. It brought a smile to my face as I just listened to it and watched it.



Clint said...

Yes, that was an interesting encounter with George and the Fredster and the old jalopy with an historic past.

This area is as beautiful as any place on earth.

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Cindy, what a lovely story about your day. Thanks for sharing. Good to know Fred was not as grumpy as he looked.

Crown of Beauty said...

Amazing encounter, Cindy.

Loved the photos... of the truck...and the dog... and the scenery!

How I wish you had found out more about George. Maybe you will "bump" into him again, at that lovely place you wrote about on this post.