Friday, June 8, 2012

Strollin' Down the Lane

Slug or snail?  I asked this question on FB today when I posted this pic.  I have
to admit this close up creeps me out, it is too snake-like for me!  This critter
was crossing the road this morning.

I get so bored sometimes walking on our little lane.  Today I decided I'd take my camera.  It does feel so good afterwards to know my walking is behind me ... all 40 minutes of it.  We to to the gym almost every day, too.  Clint is taking a break from exercise today but I feel fired up to go.  This morning I was thinking of the Christopher Columbus quote when the crew members were urging him to turn around.  In his log book he wrote, "Today we sailed on."  That is what I do most everyday, even with all the other things in my life unfolding around me,  I sail on.   Anyway, here is what my trusty little camera saw today: 

Our chicks and hens are thriving, having survived two cross country moves.
My dad's cousin gave me the starts for this plant, she was growing them in her dad's
old leather boot.  BTW, they are very happy being back in Tennessee soil.

It would make me very happy to have these beauties adorn our mail box.

Love these vivid red and stunning gladiolas.

I noticed over the roof tops the moon was fading to make
room for the rising sun.

How could I truly mention boredom with the ability to see all these wondrous scenes before me? 
 (I am a little ashamed of myself.  I am not counting my blessings as I should and taking some things for granted)



Clint said...

Like we always say---Spiritual events are happening all around us all the time---if we will only open our eyes and ears and recognize that God is speaking.

Are we having escargot tonight?

Cindy Ellison said...

To answer your question, "Are we having escargo tonight?", NO! We are not having snails! At least I am not having snails ... you better be a good boy or I will serve you this SLUG!

Clint said...


Proverbs 20:12
Mark 4:9
Jeremiah 5:21-24
Isiah 6:8-11
Mark 8:17-18

Cindy Ellison said...

Thank you, Clint, for the verses listed that pertain to "opening" our eyes.

Carol Blackburn said...

Wow, some really great shots Cindy. How nice of you to share your walk with us that way. Why do they call that succulent plant Chicks and Hens anyway? My sister calls it Hens and Chicks, LOL. Funny you should mention escargo baecause that's what I always think of when making a eye of pork roast. It reminds me of Shreck eating a slug. Hey, it's tasty; the pork not a slug.