Monday, July 16, 2012

Blue Skies Turn Gray

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This morning while walking I got a blog idea entitled "Blue Skies".  The blue sky was so brilliant with wispy type cloud formations.  Some had hard edges with soft hazy centers.  I started snapping photos and was enjoying the morning.

Yesterday while walking, I passed my neighbor's daughter getting into her car parked out front of their house.  It was very early, about 6:45 am and she had another woman with her. I spoke to them with a cheery "good morning".  The daughter returned the "good morning" with a smile as she got into her car.

The neighbor's daughter had been visiting her family across the street for several weeks now.  I had not known any details of this visit.  I work at not being a nosy or meddlesome neighbor.  I also work at being very friendly, speaking and smiling as I throw up my hand at all I pass.

Yesterday Clint and I saw an ambulance and fire truck over at their home, the daughter's car was still parked out front.  I might add the daughter seemed very youthful in appearance and had pretty long blond hair.

The daughter died several hours later yesterday, in the early evening hours.  I can only imagine their grief.  I am all shook up about it.  Clint asked me, "what can we do?", when we learned the news this morning.  It is hard to imagine someone who seemed so full of life being gone a few hours later. 



Clint said...

Tragic and heartbreaking. Is it not true that "We do not know the day nor the hour?"

Let us live each day fully and love as fully as we can. Let us practice random acts of kindness.

Shelly said...

Oh my goodness- how horrible! Do you know what happened?

Carol Blackburn said...

This is so unsettling, to find out this sort of thing. I fully understand because just last week someone mentioned in an email about the passing of a former co-worker. The poor girl was having marriage troubles and I can only imagine she died of a broken heart. They said it was a burst adbominal aneurysm....."broken heart" in my book. This is why we should live each moment as if it were our last. Live in peace as much as possible, love unconditionally and laugh until your stomach hurts. Wishing you both a blessed day.