Saturday, July 7, 2012

Confession from a "Domestic Goddess*"

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Confession time:  When we bought this four and a half year old house last year,
the oven was very dirty.  We overlooked this of course but I could not imagine
a house on the market having a dirty oven. I mean, our house
on the market. It was constant work having the house perfect for the showings. 
 I was so exhausted from our house being
on the market for over ten months and over 150 showings!

I am not kidding, I have written before about the large number of showings we had. 
That large number resulted in a verrry tired wife and husband.  The first week we
moved in our Tennessee home, I bought some oven cleaner.

Fast forward another year.  What
I'm getting at is I don't believe the previous home owners had
ever cleaned this oven.  I cleaned the oven this morning.
I think it is the first and only time it has ever been cleaned.  I am
almost ashamed to admit it has
 been that long.  We will enjoy
our "new" pristine oven and stove.

(Yes, it has the self-cleaning option using the intense heat
and locking the door.  I have never been a fan of this method.)

This image was me a few months ago when we had
a fire in our toaster oven.  I had to use a fire extinguisher.
We have since learned of the fire hazard known as
a toaster oven.

 While looking for blog images, I ran across some doozies!

Cuter?  I must be downright beautiful by now!

*snicker*  *snicker*

This one is truly hilarious! 

*Domestic Goddess




Shelly said...

You've got the rewards of a lovely, clean oven now. Gosh- I would have been run into the ground with that many showings!

Those old ads- whew. Were women back then really like that??? I can't imagine they would be- probably just a figment of the ad mens' imagination. (I hope.)

Clint said...

This is a wonderful blog, dear. Now I have some really good ideas for your Christmas and birthday presents.

Oh, and could you cook me up some bacon and some beans and change the right front tire on the car and wash my underwear right quick? You know how much I love you! And by the way, you might want to think about losing a few pounds. Thank you, sweetheart.

Cindy Ellison said...

I recognized those lines from your your favorite song! ha ha

Good thing you are kidding?

ya are kiddin', aren't ya?


Carol Blackburn said...

Is that a "riding" Hoover?? LOL

Crystal Mary said...

I can't imagine anyone not cleaning their oven.. I clean everything as I use it, its so much easier than letting the mess build up. In the case of an oven, it bakes in.. Like the 'back in time' picture