Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Rule in Mural Painting

The first order of business in my mural painting project was to prime the wall.  Of course the most logical color was a creamy light tan that I carefully chose and had mixed.  This creamy color is most perfect for skies, landscapes, columns and other typical mural subjects.

Clearing I was thinking in the box, totally locked inside the box when I painted this wall in preparation for the mural.  Was I even thinking at all?  There was one major problem.  I ended up chosing a beautiful nocturnal city skyline for the mural design.  It is rather beautiful in a dramatic way, at least I hope so. Clint and I both are excited about it.

The problem is it will be harder to paint the dark colors over such a light color, I would have been better off if I had just left the original wall color.  As can be seen in the photo above, it is a little darker.

Rule One in Mural Painting:  Chose your design before priming wall.

Does anyone else out there feel they have to always learn something The Hard Way?  {;~D)

See ya later, thanks for stopping by ... gotta go, I have more lessons to learn ...



Clint said...

Naw---I always do everything perfectly correctly the first time. Of course, Cindy knows this is not true. Ha.

Carol Blackburn said...

Never fear Cindy....I'm sure you can fix that with a little underpainting. Makes me wonder if we set ourselves up for failure saying we did it by "trial and error", the saying should be "trial and success" don't you think? :) I know you'll be successful!

Shelly said...

I'm sure it will look great anyway. Can't wait to see the pics!