Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pot Stickers and Spirited Spirits

Last night I made Pork Pot Stickers, we love these!  I found the recipe several years ago
in a Cooking Light magazine.  You really need a simple dipping sauce with them,
there are tons of recipes online for the sauces.  I usually try to have a "balanced" meal.
Last night was not too balanced, the pot stickers were all we had for dinner.  This is
okay sometimes.  A link to the recipe follows at the end of this post.

Last evening at dusk, it was quite dark in our living room, Clint had closed the drapes.  He had just sat down and said, "Would you look at this sunlight?!".  Once again, a beam of the bright setting sun came through
a crack in the drape (actually window treatment) and hit his dirty martini just as he sat down.  This thing was glowing!  I had just made a photo of the pot stickers and my camera was beside me.  You know me and you know the rest :-).

No, I didn't  have one of the ghostly glowing dirty martinis. 

May anyone reading this be in good spirits this weekend.

The recipe for the Pork Pot Stickers:



Clint said...

It was a magic evening, with laser beams of sunlight and to-die-for pork potstickers and romantic vibrations....

Shelly said...

As always, beautiful pics! And, I loved Clint's comment~

Kelly-Marie said...

I love that you have Martini's with your dinner, so fabulous. I like the idea of having Martini's with mine but it never happens. ;-) That picture of the light coming off Clin't glass is very cool.
Your recipe looks so delicious Cindy. xx

Emma said...

It's almost dinner time in Dublin and I'm feeling even more hungry after seeing your yummy food Cindy! Wouldn't mind a martini either!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Emma x