Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shrimp and More

Yesterday we drove down to Murrells Inlet.  We also
passsed through Surfside Beach.  I had to stop at this
stunning mural and make a photgraph.  It was finished by
the artist on July 4th, 2009. 

We stopped to admire and photograph an old Methodist
Church that was facing this marsh.  Clint yelled to me,
"look at the guy in the shark boat".  Shark? Boat?

I had a little delay in snapping the photo
and missed the shark's front teeth!

Belin United Methodist Church.
  I want to do some research on this old church,
such a beautiful setting surrounded by
the ancient trees and facing the marsh.  Think of all
the storms weathered by this quaint old church.

Near the old church were a couple of benches with memorial plaques
on them.  I love the surface and am not sure of the technique
but they were beautiful.  Here is some detail from one of them.

Yesterday I walked down to the beach and figured
Clint was watching me from the balcony.  I saw a tiny figure and
waved.  The tiny figure on a corner balcony waved his arms
and it was Clint.  I was amazed at how close I got
by zooming in with my camera.  It was quite a distace as can
be seen in the previous photo.

I put this on Facebook last early evening and called it's "5 O' clock somewhere" ...
here!  As I have written about before, I love the little mini toasts with brie
cheese topped with a little pear preserves.

The Skywheel Ferris Wheel, last year it was proclaimed
the largest in the world.  I am assuming it still claims
that honor.

Pretty Boy.  My grandfather always named any bird
they ever had, Pretty Boy.  I was thinking of him
when I was looking at this photo this mornng.

A perfect place to read the Bible this morning or so I thought. Eleven stories overlooking
the Atlantic Ocean.  I changed my
tune a little bit and decided any place was perfect for reading the Bible.  I am
now reading Exodus and  basically in these chapters God does not call the
equiped but he equips the called.


A glorious September morning in North Myrtle Beach.

The corner of the hotel, around 20 stories high,  has
always intrigued me.  It makes me think of an ivory tower
and my  imagination goes wild.

Oh yes, the shrimp!  It was so delicious!  We were disappointed
to learn our favorite place to buy shrimp, Mike's Produce, had
closed down.  I got on my phone and found another place that
may be our new favorite seafood market and restaurant.

Clint wanted jumbo shrimp and he got jumbo shrimp.  He reminded me
later that "jumbo shrimp" is an oxymoron. :)

Shrmp cocktail is one of our favorite foods.  The cocktail sauce is
simple: ketchup, horsradish, Louisiana hot sauce and lemon.

Thank you for reading thus far, what I am now calling my digital
family scrapbook..  We are now off to Barefoot Landing to
walk through some shops.



Clint said...

And thank you for the shrimp and the brie and the wine and for your wonderful sunny personality!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Clint, I'm glad you got everything you wanted.....LOL

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Cindy, sounds like he's buttering you up. I bet he wants your shrimp too.

Shelly said...

Beautiful pics! And, I am reading the NLT bible this year, too. I switch versions each year, and I'm enjoying this one~

Nova said...

Thanks for the nice vacation walk. Great shots...and as you said: lets take the shrimp from the seefood market.

These shrimp looks fresh ;-)