Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tangled Web, Belly Dancing, Thoughts

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

                             ~ Sir Walter Scott

I know, this screams Shakespeare but the line is from an epic poem of Sir Walter Scott:  Marmion

Earlier in the summer I noticed this web on one of our hedges in front of our house.  The dew covered web was glistening in the sun and was also adorned with its own mini rainbow!


It has been so long since I posted anything, I am now faced with learning how to use this new fangled version of Blogger.  What fun! ;~/

We have been very busy.  I had a setback doing my dining room mural, the background color, the night sky, was too dark.  The black silhouette of the city seemed to disappear into the night sky, there was not enough contrast and that simply would not work.

Back to Lowe's I headed to inquire about having the quart of paint lightened with tint.  Tint is different than paint.  The guy told me to add white paint would require so much that it would never dry.  He also said to add "tint" would be expensive, he told me for the required 28 ounces it would cost over $40! Duh?  I chose another color and got a new quart for $10.  Love the name of this new color, it is called Cosmic Dust.  It is lighter and I tried a little and I think it is gonna work.

Wednesday Clint and I toured Knoxville on foot and by bus. We completed a wonderful program called "Gotta Know Knoxville".  We can't praise this program enough.  We loved it and had a fantastic time.

We have been attending church and have been pleased with the services.  We are visiting different Sunday school classes and so far have not been very enthused about any that we have visited. What is God trying to tell us?  Show us?  Teach us?  We are being patient about it and not making any hasty decisions since these are important ones.

My daughter and I had a "Daughter and Mom Night Out" last week.  She is taking belly dancing lessons and is really enjoying it.  We attended a show at the Relix Theatre in Knoxville.  The "star" was Karim Nagi, he is an Egyptian composer, folk dancer and belly dancing instructor. He was in Knoxville to teach at some workshops.  Most of the evening consisted of performances by belly dancers and did they ever dance!  The theatre was rather unique, it was quite informal in some ways and was a bar, too.  She and I had so much fun.  I know want to learn more about belly dancing and might even attempt attending a beginners' class.  I know I don't paint a pretty picture of an old woman belly dancing but what the heck, it would be such great exercise and fun.

It was difficult to make photos
without part of the audience in them.

I would title this one ...
"A Man Can Dream".  ;-)

(No, that is NOT Clint!)

Or me for that matter!
A woman can dream, too!

(It's bad when one is sitting
here laughing at one's own attempt at humor)

A grainy dark photo of us.
 Well, back to reality.  I am going to be so busy until the new year, we are having a big party this fall with out of town guests.  We are excited about this and of course, I will be sharing more on this blog.

Some very good news, in the morning we leave for a vacation!  We made reservations many months ago, took a leap of faith that we would make it.  We are taking our computers and cameras so we will be sharing some things from our trip.

Back to packing, we are so spoiled and feel we have to take too many things. 

A big thanks to anyone who took the time to read what I have written. 



Clint said...

I really love that pic of you and Lucinda. Two beautiful women!

While you two were out having fun, I was home reading the bible.

Shelly said...

It's good to see you back here! You have been busy, haven't you? The belly dancing sounds like great fun- go for it! Can't wait to see pics of the mural when you are done.

Have fun on your vacay~

Carol Blackburn said...

Must you leave so soon???? :) I hope you have a really great time. What a lovely daughter you have. Glad you do the mother-daughter thing. You are truly blessed.