Monday, September 3, 2012

Walking After Midnight

What is this you might ask?  A photo made through glass
and a wet screen of a lamp light. (A feeble attempt
to be artsy. he he)



Clint said...

I like to walk before dawn, too. I like to know I am a sole spirit moving through the darkness, seeing the world as it is not seen in the light of day. I like wondering during those walks if you are seeing the same moon I am seeing, and if you are thinking of me in the damp coolness of dawn, as I am thinking of you......

Shelly said...

All are simply, stunningly gorgeous.

Emma said...

As soon as I read your post title I started singing the Patsy Cline song! The perfect accompaniment to your photographic post Cindy! :)

Emma x

Nova said...

Beautiful pics and I love walking in the dark. Everything looks so different!!!

Greetings and hugs