Monday, September 24, 2012

Wild Blue Wonders

Yesterday we left Knoxville for North Myrtle Beach.  Driving through the mountains, near Asheville, North Carolina, we encountered fog and smoke illuminated by the rising sun.
It makes for treacherous driving. The smell of smoke was strong, we didn't know the source of the smoke.

This eerie lake scene was shot from the car.  Such
odd colors to have come straight off my camera,
"as is."

More eeriness ...

and more.

The beautiful scene yesterday from our 11th floor condo.


The same scene with the hues of the setting sun.  We love
nothing more than sitting out on our balcony.  Wrap
around balcony I might add. :-)

Early to bed, early to rise ...

We were up at 4:20 AM, making our special
blend of coffee.  This "blending" is a blog
in itself.

Wild Blue Wonders ... mountains, sky and sea.  I was
thinking of us driving into the wild blue yonder but actually we
were driving into the wild blue wonders. 

Today we will be in search of fresh succulent jumbo (Clint's words here :-)) shrimp, inquiring about deep sea fishing, hitting Wally World for a few items, walking, thinking
about the "fresh succulent jumbo" shrimp, making the homemade
cocktail sauce for the fresh succulent jumbo shrimp, thinking some more about the fresh succulent jumbo shrimp ...




Clint said...

Can't wait to get my paws on those fresh succulent jumbo shrimp. Ummmmmm.

You got some great shots of the mystic scenery.

Carol Blackburn said...

I see the fun is starting.....enjoy your get-away.

Shelly said...

What gorgeous, powerful pics. I hope you are enjoying to the fullest your get away!

Emma said...

Ooh cindy your photos are amazing!! I would so love to travel around the US by car. I hope you are having a lovely time and that Clint found his shrimp :)

Emma x