Friday, October 5, 2012

A Day in The Life

Baked eggplant that we had Tuesday evening.  This recipe
came from an old cookbook from the 1970s.

No fancy "food styling" going on in this picture!

It is rather comforting to see a red spot
in the thicket behind our house.

A spot of red means it is Chirpee,
"our" little cardinal who lives out back.
 in the fence line thicket behind our house.

Last night I was reading one of those little
devotional books called  Our Daily Bread.
The devotional was about childrens' prayers.

One entry was "I didn't think orange went with purple until
I saw the sunset You made on Tuesday.  That was cool. "

I told Clint I was using that child's prayer in my caption for
the sunset photo from our sky this past Tuesday.

(Please beware, there is strange spacing below...
could not help it ... blame blogger)

It is now 6:48 am and still dark outside.  In a few minutes I am going to get ready to head off for Walmart and then to work out at the gym. This evening my daughter, son-in-law and grandson are coming over for King Ranch Casserole.  Clint and my daughter
both love this dish.  Last week in North Myrtle Beach I had a piece of Key Lime Pie. 
I can't describe how delicious this pie was, the store employee told us a local woman
made these pies for the store.  Today this woman, me, is going to make one for dessert for the dinner. I thought it would be rather cool and refreshing after King Ranch Casserole.

Note I said I am going to work out after shopping at Walmart, I am surely going to need to work out and walk today.  It is so tough trying to lose weight. It is tough when one wants (DESIRES) such things such as Key Lime Pie. 

Yesterday I made some major progress on painting our wall.  I hope to get another major portion painted before tonight.  I want my grandson to be impressed with the idea of doing a painting on a wall.  Also, I may have an upcoming portrait commission, I hope it works out.
A little more coffee and then rechecking my grocery list.  I think I am going to enjoy getting these chores behind me as the sun is rising.  It is rare for me to go to the gym at
such an early hour, one plus is you get to see new people who are on an earlier schedule.  Clint will probably go later.  Good gracious, we have been up since 4 am!  Hope I can keep up this level of energy through out the day and evening.

Well, dear diary ... that's it until tomorrow.