Monday, October 1, 2012

Back to Reality

Fun and games at the beach!

We stopped in Florence, SC,  the morning we
left, for a cup of coffee.  We did this last
year, looks like we are starting a tradition.

Think I could use a little organization in my life?  :-D

I am going to surprise myself and hopefully
in  few days I will have my pens, pencils,
brushes, markers organized.

Our beach vacation is over and now it is back to reality, whatever that is. I am making an effort to have a good "reality" since we have returned home. I don't like the word "dieting" so I am going to say we both are working on life style changes regarding what we eat.

There's so much that needs to be done around here. As I wrote about not long ago, there are many house projects I need to complete.

Lately I have been feeling poorly because I have neglected commenting on my dear friends' blogs. I think I will make this post a "no comment" blog. My email address is right under my blog profile picture.

Thank you, readers! Now it is time to get some paint on my brush and get to work!