Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Step into My Parlor

Step into my parlor (if you dare) and please have a seat ...


You say it was a short visit?  Maybe you won't be
in such a hurry next time. 



This spectacle, captured a few miles from
our house, is down right spooky to me.

I can't help but think it is
reminiscent of a giant
prehistoric tarantula.

Fear of spiders, anyone?

This scene behind our house is revealing the
starkness of winter can't be far behind.

Recently I came into possession of some of
my aunt's vintage Halloween decorations.

This Party Lite black ceramic cat is from
the 1960s.  Clint has become fond of this cat.

A funky looking black cat that I also inherited
from my aunt.  She had a real cat named Misty
so I can understand how she collected cats,
especially black cats.

A more modern piece I got not long ago
that belonged to my aunt.  I mixed up the candles
 because I had only two tea light candles
but it ended up being okay after all.

I had fun with my latest profile picture on Facebook.
I adore this photo of Margaret Hamilton.

This morning Clint and I were eating breakfast and he said to me, "Would you look up on the mantel at that cat."  I laughed when I saw what he was seeing.  Yesterday when I was making a photo of the silhouette Halloween decoration,  I slid
over the white horse and the black cat behind
 it, not even thinking how funny it appeared.

We both had a laugh at the following scene on our mantel:




Emma said...

Cindy that last photo is so funny! I love your halloween decorations, I don't have any at all, I meant to buy a pumpkin and carve it but I guess I forgot. I hope you're having a nice hallows eve!

Emma x

Shelly said...

I had to laugh hard at that last one! Those vintage decorations are so much fun- and your pictures are really evocative of this season. Have a wonderful evening- black cats and all!