Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

On our way to church a couple of weeks ago.

This was snapped from the car window at
a red light.  We joined the church this
particular morning which was November 4, 2012.

The "embers" fading a little in this second shot ...

Nothing left but "smoke" in this third and last photo.

Clint called my attention to these
bird tracks on our frost covered deck
yesterday morning.  I learned
birds have warm feet!

Those are seeds :-)

Here I am at 6:15 am watching a video on
napkin folding.  I had needed a refresher
course on the bishop's hat fold.

Did you know the art of napkin
folding goes back to the time of Louis XIV?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reliving My Youth

Today I have been reliving my youth.  I hadn't planned on doing it but decided to
listen to Neil Young's Harvest, the top album of 1972.  I used to listen to the album
over and over.  A couple of years ago I found this perfect copy in an antique store of
all places.  Then again it has been 40 years since the making of the album.

Listening to Old Man and Heart of Gold did transport me back to 1970.  I got down an old photo album and found these two photos made of me in 1970. Clint had never seen these two photos before today.

I got out some incense and day dreamed about the old days while the incense scent was wafting through the air.  No, I didn't smoke anything.  :~D

Back to reality and "what's for dinner?"

You've got to have the incense  burning to
fully be transported back to the early 70s.

Such a bad quality photo but I am posting it
small just to show off my tie dye creation.

Several months ago I bought a new tie
dyed shirt at the flea market.  Back in this
time I was the self-professed Tie Dye Queen.

I loved to tie dye t-shirts!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Everyday Life and Other Thoughts

The spot where I turn around on my walks that
intersects our little lane.

We admire these trees we can see
 a short distance from our deck.

We had a great day Thursday, we attended the "Blue
Plate Special", WDVX  Radio 89.9 FM located
in the Knoxville Visitor's Center on Gay Street in Knoxville, TN.

We enjoyed Ray Cashman, singing here with Adam Verone
on drums.  We also enjoyed Ben Maney who
opened the performance.  This was my first time
and I am hooked!  There is a free performance with
different artists daily, M-F
at 12 noon.

Afterwards we seek out a new restaurant for lunch.

Some odd wispy clouds in Thursday's evening sky.

Most nights we experience one of these
spectacular "light shows".

A big day tomorrow for us.  At the 8:45 am service, Clint and I will go up during the
last stanza of the last hymn and join this church. We will have our church
membership from Plano, TX, transferred to this church.  We are excited
about our new church, I will write more about it later.  A couple
of weeks ago we attended an orientation class
for new members.

Afterwards, we will be standing up front,
greeting and meeting other members of the

I made the above photo and the one below a few weeks ago after a stained glass window tour and lecture.  We were able to go into areas of
the church that are usually not open.  One such area is the
very tall spire, it was fun to get as far up in it as we

A teeny stained glass window in the spire.