Saturday, November 3, 2012

Everyday Life and Other Thoughts

The spot where I turn around on my walks that
intersects our little lane.

We admire these trees we can see
 a short distance from our deck.

We had a great day Thursday, we attended the "Blue
Plate Special", WDVX  Radio 89.9 FM located
in the Knoxville Visitor's Center on Gay Street in Knoxville, TN.

We enjoyed Ray Cashman, singing here with Adam Verone
on drums.  We also enjoyed Ben Maney who
opened the performance.  This was my first time
and I am hooked!  There is a free performance with
different artists daily, M-F
at 12 noon.

Afterwards we seek out a new restaurant for lunch.

Some odd wispy clouds in Thursday's evening sky.

Most nights we experience one of these
spectacular "light shows".

A big day tomorrow for us.  At the 8:45 am service, Clint and I will go up during the
last stanza of the last hymn and join this church. We will have our church
membership from Plano, TX, transferred to this church.  We are excited
about our new church, I will write more about it later.  A couple
of weeks ago we attended an orientation class
for new members.

Afterwards, we will be standing up front,
greeting and meeting other members of the

I made the above photo and the one below a few weeks ago after a stained glass window tour and lecture.  We were able to go into areas of
the church that are usually not open.  One such area is the
very tall spire, it was fun to get as far up in it as we

A teeny stained glass window in the spire.



Clint said...

You have an interesting life, Cindy!

Carol Blackburn said...

You have some lovely foliage, Cindy. Unfortunately we had a big rainy season just about the time the leaves should have given up leaf-peeping season and they fell off the trees or got soaked and didn't color-up. I didn't get any good foliage shots this year.
Congratulations on the new church home. I hope it is everything you and Clint are looking for. :)

Shelly said...

As always, breathtaking pics! I'm so glad you all found a church that is a good fit- I'm sure they will be happy to have you two. Thanks for your always kind comments on my blog~

Emma said...

Wow Cindy, the clouds in the fourth photo are amazing! I've never seen anything like that before! Thanks for sharing the photos of the sights from where you live! It's lovely to see what you see every day.

Emma x