Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reliving My Youth

Today I have been reliving my youth.  I hadn't planned on doing it but decided to
listen to Neil Young's Harvest, the top album of 1972.  I used to listen to the album
over and over.  A couple of years ago I found this perfect copy in an antique store of
all places.  Then again it has been 40 years since the making of the album.

Listening to Old Man and Heart of Gold did transport me back to 1970.  I got down an old photo album and found these two photos made of me in 1970. Clint had never seen these two photos before today.

I got out some incense and day dreamed about the old days while the incense scent was wafting through the air.  No, I didn't smoke anything.  :~D

Back to reality and "what's for dinner?"

You've got to have the incense  burning to
fully be transported back to the early 70s.

Such a bad quality photo but I am posting it
small just to show off my tie dye creation.

Several months ago I bought a new tie
dyed shirt at the flea market.  Back in this
time I was the self-professed Tie Dye Queen.

I loved to tie dye t-shirts!



Clint said...

I love these pics of you! You have always had such classic beauty.

Clarification: You sure you didn't smoke anything? Or maybe you just didn't inhale? :)

Cindy Ellison said...

You are funny, Clint! Where, pray tell, where did you ever hear that notion about taking a puff and not inhaling? Could this notion have come from the same person who was in the news recently about his hand in the cookie jar? he he

Carol Blackburn said...

Sweet memories nice. In the late 60's my thing was daisies........on my clothes, in my hair, you name it. I do remember the tie die though. Great old photo. Wishing you and yours a wonderful evening. :)

Shelly said...

It's always fun to go back and walk through past lovely things~ great pics! You are still just as beautiful!

Emma said...

I loved seeing these photos of you Cindy, you are just as beautiful as you are now! I adore Harvest, I was lucky enough to see Neil Young twice and he amazes me every time. What a genius!

I hope you've had a lovely week Cindy, I'm just catching up on all my bog reading this evening after being away last week!

emma x