Saturday, January 26, 2013

January Thoughts and More

The other evening I looked out the window to see something
and when I looked back around I was amazed at this scene
I had never seen before in our house.  By now anyone reading
my blog knows I love darkness, shadows, light, candlelight
and all the reflections in the mirrors.

Playing around with the photo of our bird feeder
encased in frost and ice.  This blue tone
makes it appear even more frigid.  I actually like it this way.

We had an ice storm here Thursday morning.  Luckily we did not
lose power but my daughter and her family who live about four miles
away did lose power.  I was happy to hear they had a generator
going and all was well.

Clint even slid downhill standing on the grass when he went out
to get the paper.

Trying to become more organized *BIG SNICKER*, I thought
I would get my clothes all together to wear to church early in the
morning. We leave here at 8 am.

This is a photo of a plan that came together.  A few months ago my
sister and I stopped by a department store, I wanted a red skirt.  There were
no red skirts in the entire store. 

Later we stopped by the Goodwill and alas, no red skirts there that
we could find.  As we were going out the door, we walked past
 a rack of clothing that was to be put out for sale.  The red color attracted
my sister's eye and she said, "Look at this skirt!"

An Ann Taylor skirt, perfect condition, in my size and RED!

Cost:  $2.00.

Oh, I almost forgot.  This morning I registered on Instagram.  I don't quite know what I am doing but I am posting a link to my first photo.  My user name is "Cindy Ellison".  I hope
it works. 

Take care, dear readers .... back to you later.  Oh again, BTW ... the blogger photo posting "thing" is working.  At least for me today it is working.  :-) 



Clint said...

Nice pics! I especially like that shot of the bird feeder. But the birds DID NOT like it.

Cindy Ellison said...

One does not even want to think of the word "shot" regarding birds.

Shelly said...

Those are such great pictures- I love the ambiance of the first one, and I do like the blue tones on the bird feeder. $2 for the skirt? That's a major good find.

And tell Clint to put a snowboard under his feet the next time he goes sliding down a hill- he might could even do a stunt or two with it. (I'm watching snowboarding competitions on tv right now)

Emma said...

Wow Cindy! I can't believe how frozen it is there! the bird feeder looks as if it's made of glass! the poor birds probably didn't know what was going on! And what a find getting that red skirt for $2! A great bargain! Maybe you'll model it for us some time ;)

Emma x