Monday, January 28, 2013

Twenty-four Hour Whirlwind

Sometimes in the evening we have been burning incense.  I love
the pattern of smoke it produces.  We buy our favorite at the Green Earth
Emporium in Bearden.  Pinon wood is one favorite fragrance.

There is a long story about my antique art deco cabinet.  After many years,
it made it safely home today here in Knoxville.  No wavy leaded glass broken on
the way. I do have to share, there were so many spider egg sacs under
this thing.  Clint just reminded me he left the room.  I reminded Clint not only
did he leave the room, HE LEFT THE HOUSE!  I have to say, I am not that
frightened of spiders but this was one time I was overwhelmed by them.

My daughter and her family gave us a gift certificate to one of their
favorite restaurants, the Homeland Cafe in Oak Ridge, TN.  We
 had lunch there today and it was very delicious.  Salmon filled crepes.
The lovely owner, Maria, was so nice and friendy.  We felt
like we had made a new friend after we left there.

Here I have the photos and long-winded captions done and I am too exhausted to finish telling about our whirlwind day.  It was a good and productive day and I'll write more about it later. 



Shelly said...

Lovely cabinet...but eeeeehhhhh----spider egg sacs! That gives me the willies even more than real spiders!

That meal looks really good~

Carol Blackburn said...

What a great-looking cabinet. Gotta love the old way they made things. What quality! Today it's all prefab and pressed wood. That is why we love antiques too.