Wednesday, January 30, 2013

UFOs in the Sky

The "before" photo this rainy morning.

This morning I made a photo from inside the rain splattered window outside.  I had no idea I would also capture the images of several UFOs in the photo.

The "after" photo after I removed the offending UFOs.

The ethereal effect in this photo came as a pleasant surprise.  I could not have duplicated the effect if I had tried.  The UFOs that were removed were reflections from the recessed kitchen lights.



Carol Blackburn said...

Ha..........that's cute Cindy! I love when I catch orbs in photos that see so strategically placed.
I have caught a few mysterious things on photos in my time.
Have a wonderful night.

Shelly said...

Lovely, lovely! So, are you saying UFO's bring good things? In this case, I think so!