Sunday, February 10, 2013

This little piggy stayed home. NOT!

This afternoon I saw one of our teenage neighbor girls in our back yard with her dog on a leash.  I didn't think much of it, her dog Charly "leads" her all over the place.  A second later I saw this big black pig running across our backyard.  I yelled at Clint who was in his office, "Come quick and see this pig in our backyard!"  Of course the fast-running pig was gone by the time Clint looked outside. We stepped outside and Clint points at Charly and says, "Cindy, this is a dog."  I repeated, "I saw a pig" and our young neighbor agrees that I did see a pig.

She and her sister had tried to corner the pig in the back yard in a fenced in corner.  The pig would have no part of it and lunged at Charly.

The pig took off and crossed a couple of yards and headed to a small stream, two houses down. I snapped this photo just after he got out of the stream and mud.  One of the neighbor girls chased after him.  I met a new neighbor behind us who told me she fed the pig bread yesterday to keep him from running into narrow Dante Road. She said he had caused a young woman to almost wreck when he ran into the road. 

Seriously, this poor animal, needs to be captured before it or someone gets hurt.  An animal control officer came and said she had chased it for a hour and a half a day or so ago.  We also found out neighbors were feeding the animal.

I can't believe in the dark early am hours, around 2:30 am this morning, I stepped out onto our deck in total darkness to try and determine the source of some loud music.  Forget loud music, there would have been some loud screaming if I had encountered this poor beast on our deck.

As I told Clint, I can't remember such excitement since we moved here!



Clint said...

I got my .30 caliber rifle and I will be back shortly---we eat well tonight.

Shelly said...

Ha! I can only imagine what that would have been like if you had encountered the pig in the dark. I know I would have been adding greatly to the noise at that hour.

I do hope he makes it home to his owners, negligent as they may be...

Carol Blackburn said...

Did you call the local news station? Sounds like a story for the press and a very larg Have-A-Heart Trap. He looks like a ROUS (rodent of unusual size). Good luck.