Friday, May 3, 2013

Strolling in the Park

Clint came upon this snake at a park near our house.
This sighting was yesterday.

While strolling in the park one day,
In the merry merry month of May.
I was taken by surprise ...

Last evening he said he wanted to go back to the park.
I suggested this one which is a little farther away.
(My motive was to not get near that snake
that was closer to home.)  ;-)

The weather last evening was perfect for walking.

Clint goes back to the closer park today and
his snake friend was snoozing right by the trail.

Not all of Clint's friends are friends of mine!



Clint said...


Emma said...

I can see why you didn't want to go near the snake Cindy! I've never come in contact with one (St. Patrick got rid of them from Ireland ;) and I don't plan to any time soon!

Hope you and Clint are well Cindy!

Emma x

Carol Blackburn said...

Not one of my favorite animals either, Cindy. I've almost tripped over a few in past years. Haven't seen one in a long time and that's ok with me :) Please tell Clint I've gone to his blog a few times but I can't read his post with that background, sorry. I keep trying but no luck.

Shelly said...

Eeek! Snakes! I'm with you. In the last week, we've had a rattlesnake and a coral snake (both of which are in snake heaven now) and I hope we don't have any more for a loooonnnnngggg time.

Crown of Beauty said...

Haven't been around blogland much, but today I wanted to visit some of my blog neighbors (always only a click away)... I scrolled down a bit as well - as always your photos are beautiful and artistic.

Just wanted you to know I came by - and trusting all is well with you and Clint.