Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mouse in the House!

The only thing missing is a witch in the sky!

Last night I stayed up a little later since we had decided we were not attending church this morning.  I decided to relax a little before bed, "later" for me was about 8:30 PM.  I sat on the sofa in the spot Clint usually occupies and did some drawing.  I then checked the night sky and it looked quite fitting for Halloween week, the only thing missing was a witch silhouette flying across the sky on her broom.
I went out on the deck and made the photo above.

Back to sitting on the sofa and watching some kind of true crime story on tv,  a movement caught my eye near our fern plant in the living room.  I then reasoned I had just imagined it, that it was nothing.  A few seconds later I could have sworn I saw a small dark shadow streak by the base board from the fern plant to under the tv stand which is a piece of wooden furniture.  At this point I was troubled and wondered if I was hallucinating, I knew I was exhausted.  Maybe it was one of my eye floaters that had made me think I had seen a movement.  Perhaps it had been caused by a reflection on the glass top coffee table.  I finally told myself it was caused by the tv images being reflected on the glass table top.

Flash forward to about 6:30 am when Clint and I hear some different kinds of noises in the kitchen.  Our ice maker makes all kinds of strange sounds, the most common one is of a frog croaking. (I kid you not, found this out by Googling Amana refrigerator frog sounds)  Clint and I agreed the sounds were different for sure this particular time.  A few minutes later we heard the tell-tale crinkling sounds coming from the kitchen.  I confess at this point I had not shared with Clint me seeing movement in the living room the night before.  Clint then said what I had feared, "It sounds almost like there is a rodent in the house."  At this point I am thinking that sure enough, it was a MOUSE!  A RAT!  I had seen a rat in the house!  I told Clint what I had seen the night before, somehow I thought if I did not share it with him earlier, it would have gone away.  I know, totally illogical.

This morning we bought some traps and hope they work tonight.  Just a few minutes ago Clint found "signs" of the mouse near the fire place.  I know this blog is much about nothing but I am petrified of mice and I have warned Clint that if he hears me scream, it will mean I have run across the mouse.

Dear readers, please don't get me wrong, it's not all mice that I detest.  We even have a special mouse in our home, he now graces our mantle.  I just snapped his photo to prove my point.  He sat on Clint's mother's grandfather clock for years and has great sentimental value.

How gross!  Hopefully by tomorrow this will no longer be your home!

The ONLY mouse who is welcomed in our home.


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Clint said...

This means war. Our mighty traps will be stocked with cheese and fried bacon tonight. Hopefully we shall reap a rich bounty of mouse meat for consumption tomorrow at dinner.