Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our Years a Passing Hour

Today I am adding more "life" photos from the past two weeks.  On one of my days off my sister and I visited my mom and drove through some old scenic areas.  The above photo was made on Reservoir Road in Norris, Tennessee.

We have fond memories, our cousins lived at the end of this road, this 
area is on TVA property.

Our cousins' grandparents house which was next door to their home.  I was pleased at the quaint appearance
of the house and to know it is still standing.  I remember red brick.  I also 
remember chickens and a pond but most importantly ... lots of FUN!

My sister drove her new Toyota Rav 4 and I loved her new car.  She bought it a few months ago. It was interesting to see on the navigational system that we were right beside the river and Norris Lake.

Taking a detour on the way back to her house, we drove
by the old familiar view from our grandparent's house.  In years past
there were no buildings in the background.

A recent sunrise from our porch.

Clint and I decided to go car shopping.  It was fun to sit in this sports car.  We knew the day was
coming.  We bought a new Toyota Rav4.

Admired the swirling effect of these clouds.

A unique, at least to me, water tower on Resevoir Road.

More fun with shadows in our living room created by the evening sun.

This creature was on our glass door on the deck.  I posted it on FB
and was told it was a stink bug.  Luckily he/she was on the outside.

                       Thursday evening we had some unusual cloud formations from our back deck.

I walked out front and this was taking place, different moving
layers with the different shades.

This post has been a progress over a couple of weeks.  It started out with the title, "My Day Off",  and then I added this current title.  I have been looking through old family photo albums. Looking at them actually makes me sad.  I am thinking of how their lives seem to have been over in a flash.  The line "Our years a passing hour" was in a hymn we sang at church on Sunday.  How true.



Clint said...

The years with you have been passing much too quickly---but oh, how special those years have been.

Shelly said...

Congratulations on the new car! As always, your pictures are so special. I could imagine you all playing, the fun with cousins...

It's such a good thing to look back and reflect and be grateful for blessings.

Carol Blackburn said...

I hope you have great luck with the new car and enjoy it for many years.