Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Frozen Bubbles

It seems like such a simple and fun project.  Making frozen bubbles.  It was not simple at all.  I experimented with soap, corn syrup and water.  One of the biggest problems was the wind.  Clint was reminding me he could not control the wind (really, Clint?) when I asked him to turn a little to the left while blowing. Before long Clint said he could not remember having so much fun. At this point we both were laughing. Oh yes, one has to remember it was only 9 degrees outside. 
                                                                                                                                                                  I could only imagine a conversation from one of our neighbors:   Mom, what are those two old people doing over there on that deck?

Chirpee was very happy when the bubble making fun ended,
we were disturbing him from our deck.


Unknown said...

What a great time we had and what great, creative photos you shot!

Shelly said...

Such a fun time, and what great, beautiful pictures came from it! But I think I would die in that temperature.

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Cindy, wow that looks like fun. What happened with the bubbles, did they freeze, fall and shatter or float away? I'm just as curious as your Mr. Chirpee. Such a pretty fellow. It sure is cold. Brrrrrr!