Monday, August 18, 2014

A Few Scenes From My Summer

Another one of my dreamy moonscapes.  

A rich Beefy Mexican casserole.  Yes, it was delicious.

Made this at a traffic stop close to our house.  I snapped this
from inside the car at a stop light.

In June I made this photo from the Knoxville City and County Building.
I served on a jury involving a wrongful death aka as a malpractice suit.  For two weeks
I dressed up and was in court around 8:30 am.  I spent approximately 87 hours
with eleven other jurors.  It was amazing how we all seemed to bond with each
other.  It was a very emotional time but we gave it our all.  It was hard for
me to sleep for several nights afterwards.

I have forgotten the name of this complex in downtown Knoxville.
This photo reminds me of a vintage linen paper postcard.

A cuban sandwich I had at Market Square.

Had the cuban sandwich here at Cocoa Moon Fusion Grill, walked in and did not realize it
was such a bar.  Of course the strongest drink was my
water with lemon.

Audrey Flack's sculpture in the Whittle complex
in downtown Knoxville:
Beloved Woman of Justice

We are always amazed with the shadows in this house, when the sun
both rises and sets.

I am really enjoying our Siruis.  Willie's Roadhouse
is another favorite site.

This photo evolved into  "The Road to Nowhere" with a little
help from me.

The supermoon of July 16, 2014.

During some of my jury days, I would take my lunch and eat 
on a park bench.  Great people watching in the area.

Another beautiful scene before going into work.

The beautiful courtyard at our church, one of several.


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