Monday, June 22, 2015

Different Kind of Monday Morning

It has been so long since I have posted anything on my blog, I hope I have not forgotten how to do it.  Sometimes I miss posting on it, one thing I have always thought about my blog was that it was a digital scrapbook of our lives.  I seriously need to get back to it.  Even now, if I am looking for a photo or other information from my blogging days I want to look up, I Google my own blog post and find it. 

My most recent search was for my chocolate pie monograms made from bittersweet chocolate.  It is easier to Google than try to find the cook book with the information.

Clint satisfies his desire for writing by keeping a daily diary.  One of his ways I should say includes song writing,too.  As I am pecking away on this post in my studio, he is in the living room studying and writing a Sunday school lesson on Amos.  He is one of four rotating Sunday school teachers who teach in our Sunday school class.  This reminds me I did do some similar writing.  Recently it was my time for having the opening prayer.  We had a hectic but wonderful week and here comes Saturday night and I have no prayer written.  This brings back some of my school days of not getting homework done in time.  I got busy on the prayer, got it typed out and ready for the next morning.  Clint and I feel that a good prayer does not have to be long.  

Speaking of it being a different kind of Monday morning, I slept later this morning than I can remember in recent history.  I am referring to years.  Just before Clint opened the bedroom door to see if I was still alive, I had just awakened.  He had some errands to run so I passed going with him.  I had a more important job of just trying to come back to life.  It was a relaxing morning.  Coffee and armed with a pair of scissors, I went through the May 2015 issue of Country Living magazine.  I cut out some recipes and photos of groupings of frames.  That is something I am currently working on, hanging many old pieces of art work, prints, photos and paintings.  I want to hand them in groups with a theme.  This collection is the result of years of me gathering these little treasures.  Old gold leaf frames are a favorite.

Recently we made the decision to get plantation shutters.  We enjoy them so much.

My how time flies.  Why is it the first step seems the hardest?.  Here is my first step back to blogging on my life's scrapbook.  Thanks to anyone who might read this.  See you again, soon!


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Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Cindy, so nice to see you blogging again. I wish you and Clint a beautiful day.