Monday, July 4, 2016

Guitar Lessons

At least I am now able to practice one of my all time
favorite songs.  Please Come to Boston.

A year ago, actually it was July the 5th, Clint and I went shopping for a tripod for my camera. After we left Best Buy, we stopped by Guitar Center on Kingston Pike, Knoxville, Tennessee.  Clint has played guitar since his college days, self taught I might add.  I always enjoy going in to the Guitar Center and admiring all the guitars.  I jokingly remarked to Clint, if I ever played guitar, I would want "that guitar right there", pointing to a beautiful black lacquered electric guitar.  Of course I was kidding, or so I thought.

Later that day I remarked I had seen some good looking (to me) used guitars and blurted out someday I might like to learn to play the guitar.  Clint said I did not need to purchase a guitar, I would just learn on his Ovation.  I did start my lessons from Clint and have learned a lot.  Practice, practice and more practice are in order.  I admit I have taken a three month break from practicing but plan to get back to it.  I had not realized when I started this post that tomorrow is the anniversary of beginning this wonderful journey.  This afternoon I plan on practicing chords.  Whew!  That darn C chord was something else!

A long way from making a YouTube, I am still amazed that I have come this far.  Thank you Clint for your patience and helping me so much.

(It has been months since I have posting anything on my blog,  I am hoping this publishes without any problems.  I need to get back to my blog.  Thanks to anyone reading  this far.)


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