Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Chocolate Angel Cafe

Today three of my dear freinds took me to lunch at The Chocolate Angel and Tea Room near Dallas in Richardson, TX.  I had not been there before but have heard often by word of mouth about this cafe.  The four of us had a wonderful time and visit.  I was impressed with the food and soon learned why my friends had praised the cafe.  It was such a decision to chose our selections.  Two of my friends chose the quiche and usually that is my first choice but I had quiche just a few days ago.  I decided on the Angel Trio which was a cup of tomato bisque soup, chicken salad (homemade) sandwich and pasta salad.  All three were delicious!

For dessert we all shared (yes, all four of us) the Chocolate Lava Molten Cake.  We laughed as we passed it around the table with our spoons in hand.  As its name suggests, the warm and moist cake was delicious, dark chocolate with just enough sweetness.

Afterwards we explored some nearby shops and had fun just being silly. 

Thank you all so very much, it was a special day.  I will miss you all!  We will stay in touch after we move away.

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Lyrics of Love and Lore said...

1. You are having too much fun.
2. You are eating WAY better than me.
3. I'm jealous.