Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Party at Ray and Sandy's

 A red head for a few hours ...

Ray and Sandy know how to throw a party! Clint and I had been planning for the Halloween party since we received their invitation a few weeks ago. Written on the invitation were the words, "dress festive". Since reading those words, Clint and I had a good time discussing our festive "costumes". Clint decided on a "punk biker" look. (We made this up :-) ) I wanted a chance to wear false eyelashes and play make believe, I'm still not sure of my party identity. We went in search of products to make Clint's hair stick out and spray to turn it black.

Can you imagine having real hair like this?  It's sad. 
Thank goodness it washed out!  (You would not
believe the black left in the shower!  :-) )
The appointed time had arrived last evening to walk to our friend's party down the street.  The sounds of laughter echo down the street as we meet our neighbors and friends, Wayne and Suzan, as they are headed to the party.  Wayne was sporting a most unique cap, complete with a faux Norweigian Plano rat attached! 

Wonder what the occupants of the car who
passed us on the street thought of this assortment of characters!?   he he

Plenty of bones about it, Suzan is a very talented baker as you will see in this next photo.  She was carrying these treats with her to the party:

Chocolate cake with green tinted butter cream frosting, they
 were delicious!  I confess, I ate two of them!
How cute and clever are these?!
Ray and Sandy greet the four of us at the door amid much laughter!  I don't know how to begin to describe Ray and Sandy's home.  Everywhere you look are these wonderful Halloween vignettes ... I didn't know where to begin to make photos. 
Beautful hostess, neighbor and friend, Sandy, wearing her
"Real Housewives of Collin County" t shirt.

The guys enjoyed playing croquette. 

Our host, friend and neighbor, Ray.  I heard he won the
game of croquette.  How many years ago was
it that you played croquette.  For me it was
 in the year 1968!

Suzan and Diane, friends and neighbors, seated at the dining room table. Suzan and Diane are very talented and creative women.  Their homes and flowers are beautiful!
Suzan's 7.03 carat spider ring.  (Imagine its web ... shudders!)  Notice Suzan's green toenails,
painted green for the occasion!
Tyson and Abby, held by Sandy, were excited by all the merriment!  They were very much a part of the party!

Sandy's stunning dining room table ... love her black velvet roses garland ...  too bad
it didn't photograph well in the photos.


The party's just begun and I have not even begun to show Sandy and Ray's  Halloween decor and  food.  There's so much MORE I want to share ... more photos to follow soon .....

Clint gave an account of last night's festivities on lyricsofloveandlore

Thank you so much, Ray and Sandy!  We had such a wonderful and fun time! 


Clint said...

A wild and crazy evening! Loaded with fun and great food & drink.

Cindy Ellison said...

It sure was fun! Sandy and Ray are such hard workers, they put so much into the evening. We sure appreciated everything.

Can you believe she brought over two plates today for our dinner! Wow!

Design Wine and Dine said...

I can tell you guys had so much fun! You look great and your friends did such an amazing job with their house/table! I would like some of that mac n cheese please.

Cindy - you should get the recipe and post it! :)


Your makeup looks good on you and I like the green headress. The guys looked funny hehe! Especially with all those hair stuffs. The cupcakes are soooo spookily cute!!! The spider ring was kinda creepy though coz maybe it reminds me of the real thing. Sandy's Halloween decor was fabulous! Enjoyed looking at your pics, you guys obviously had a blast! Cheers:-)

Bitch said...

You both looked very special for that beautiful
The dining room table so rare in black and velvet roses garland. Black is not everybody's
taste, but I love to be bold!