Friday, October 8, 2010

Red Curried Chicken

Red Curried Chicken

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About four years ago our dear friends and neighbors, Ray and Sandy, introduced a new dish to Clint and me.  We planned an informal dinner and Sandy was to bring the entree.  She said this recipe was prepared at a Southern Living Cooking School.  Years ago I had attended one of these "schools" and it had been a lot of fun ... and I learned a few things.

Ray and Sandy brought over the dish that had become a favorite of theirs, "Red Curried Chicken".  Last night I made it, I had not had it for a long time. I followed the recipe quite closely, the spice amounts called for were perfect for me. I also used light coconut milk.  The recipe is from McCormick and I used their brand of spices in this dish.  Jasmine rice is a must with this dish ... ahh, the aroma of jasmine rice in the rice cooker.

Here is the recipe. Please click on the purple-highlighted word "recipe" and the recipe will come right up.  Thanks.

I think using the McCormick Red Curry Powder is key to this recipe.


The chicken was moved over to make room for sauteeing
the onions, sometimes I like to give them a head start.



Design Wine and Dine said...

A woman after my own heart! Love this and will have to try this! And yes...jasmine rice a MUST! YUM!


Thanks for sharing this yummy dish, my fiancé loves anything curry and this is a must try! :-)

claire christinel said...

Thanks for the great Red Curry Chicken recipe, my family will be so pleased. Thanks also for the kind comment.

Wind said...

Ha ha...this is for Sunday!
Good idea, thanks!
Have a great weekend, Cindy!

Clint said...

I watched Cindy consume this dish --- she didn't just eat it, she made love to it.