Saturday, October 2, 2010

Today's Yard Sale Find

                                                                                                                                                             This morning Clint went on "our" daily walk alone.  I needed more time to wake up.  I left by myself on "our" walk around 8 AM.  Leaving with the usual items in my pocket, a dollar and my cell phone. The dollar is for the bagel that I get sometimes on our morning walk.  About three streets over, I encounted a yard sale and just had to stop by and see if there was a treasure I couldn't do without. Sure enough, I found two treasures I just had to have.  I gave Clint a call, he said he would be right there with some extra money and he was there in a matter of minutes.

My cell phone rings in the middle of the transaction, it was the mulitple listing service, we had a house showing two hours later. (Our house is for sale.)  As luck would have it, we had a handyman scheduled to do some work at our house at the same time as the showing.  At this point I gave up on walking, Clint drove me to the bagel shop and we came on home to get the house ready for the showing.

Yes, I did find two treasures I just had to have. :-)  I found this stunning 13 inch decorative plate with a bird motif.  Also, a leather bound journal, it was in like-new condition. (Journal not pictured)
The plate and journal were $2 each.  Perfect prices.

The plate looked perfect on our kitchen counter, I like the large size.  I am working on buying larger pieces, small items tend to make the rooms look cluttered.

It is yard sale weather here and I've learned to leave for my walk with more money.


Clint said...

A leather bound journal and a beautiful decorative plate for $4? Wow.

Anonymous said...

Cindy I am so excited for you. Love getting these kind of finds. And for a few dollars.
You rock.

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

You scored some major finds! I love the bird plate.Why is it the yard sales up here are full of the 80s when it comes home decor? I have only stopped at a million sales...and I think have come home with a total of 5 treasures in all my excursions.

Hope your home sells. Ours goes up next year after I graduate. I will hate leaving our home, but we are growing out of it and we are looking for a home in which my parents can join us.

Now I have the urge for a bagel. :)


Franz said...

Cindy's great that dish, great deal for a beautiful piece!


Wind said...

Well, I like this yard sales... and I miss America for that, and not only ...
Lucky you, indeed a piece of art!
Please have a great week!


Yard sales are like Easter egg hunts, the thrill of finding something that you like is priceless. Glad you found unique items at such great prices. Those are really smart buys, take care always:-)

Design Wine and Dine said...

Nothing gets me more excited than finds like these! I love the dish and if I had been there first... would have picked it up too! Looks great in the kitchen. Cool it has a new home...and then hopefully soon onto the next one!