Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Facets of a Beautiful Woman

For this blog I am using a photo I bought in the 1990s in
an antique shop that sold only English antiques.  I thought she represented a
"beautiful woman".  I don't know much about this photgraph, on the back
was a sticker that read, "Lady Hamilton, G. Romney".

Last evening an event was held at Christ United Methodist Church in Plano, TX, sponsored by the Women's Ministry.  It was entitled Facets of a Beautiful Woman: Body Mind Spirit. Donations were accepted at this event for the Interfaith Housing Coalition in Dallas.  The mission of Interfaith is to be the hands of Christ helping families transition to self suffciency.

We were happy to see the donations for the homeless overflow the table!

I attended this event and was surprised by all the cars in the parking lot as I arrived.  I wondered if Monday night was choir practice night.  Surely all these cars and the large groups of women entering were not just here for this women's event.  It was to have been held in a Sunday school class room.

It was wonderful that I was wrong, the attendance surprised most everyone, over 300 women had registered, not counting the ones who attended who had not registered.  The event had to be moved to the main sanctuary!

It was so nice to see some old friends I had not seen in a while.  There was all kinds of different foods and drinks. Everyone was generous in their donations for the Interfaith Housing Coalition!  What a great mission, to help some of the homeless to become self sufficient.  The donations will help furnish small apartments and when the residents move out, they get to take it all with them.

Some of the questions presented last evening concerning the mind of a beautiful woman:

1) At what time in your daily routine do you feel the most open to the Holy Spirit?

2) At what time in your daily routine do you feel the least open to the Holy Spirit?

3) What spiritual practices are most meaningful in your relationship with God?

The speakers last evening at the Facets of a Beautiful Woman, from left to right:
Angie Walker, Rev. Alexandra Robinson, Rev. Margie McNeir and Rev. Stacey Piyakhun.


It was nice to see Ann (in center)  with her friends, she  is a singer.  I first met
Ann in our Sunday school class.

Healthy food for a healthy body!

Poster of upcoming events for women at Christ
United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas.

Fantastic Food!

A surprising attendance lead to holding the event in the sanctuary
instead of a Sunday school class!

It was special that we also visited after the event,
there was more than enough food for everyone!

 Rev. Margie McNeir gave the attendees an assignment.  She suggested we read Galatians 5:22 and pick out one attribute word you don't have "down pat" and make it your "word" morning and night. She suggested to have the word taped somewhere where you will see it often, such at the top of your "to do" list.  As she reminded us all, it is not too late to make this a New Year's resolution and see how much is gained in the following year from chosing an attribute word that could improve your spirit and those around you.


Clint said...

Excellent post! I'm really surprised (shocked) that there was such a large crowd on a Monday night. Certainly a wonderful cause.

LemonyRenee' said...

Those are some lovely questions for me to ponder. Thank you for sharing them. (At this time, the only one I can readily answer is #2, and that is when I walk into my laundry room!) :)

Sabine said...

Dear Cindy,
your blog is beautyful.
Many Greetings Sabine