Monday, February 14, 2011

For My Husband

The newlyweds, Clint and Cindy.


 This Valentine's Day, I had a very early morning appointment.  I am talking so early it was still dark outside.  Before I left I took a few minutes to read one of my favorite devotional books, Deserts in the Stream, the daily devotional journal version.  Clint was still asleep.  I had not realized until I was reading today's devotional for the 14th that Clint had bought this book for me as a Valentine gift in 2005.  I saw that I had taken the time to make a note of it on the following page of the devotional for the 15th.  What a special Valentine gift, we each have a copy of this book and it has been so inspiring and comforting.

A favorite Valentine gift from Clint in 2007 ... this gift truly
 is one that keeps on giving.

While reading my devotional book before daylight this morning,
I was reminded that this book was a gift from Clint on Valentine's Day, 2007.

The other evening Clint was asking me if there was anything special I wanted for Valentine's Day, did we want to go out for dinner, what did I want to do, etc?  We came to the conclusion that both of us we wanted something simple.  We try to be mindful during the year that we need  bits of Valentine's Day everyday in our daily lives together.


Our wedding day!  June 27, 2003



When Clint and I decided to get married, we talked and talked about ideas concerning our wedding ... an at home wedding, church wedding, Vegas and other locations were mentioned.  This went on for a couple of weeks.  After weighing all the pros and cons, we decided on the Gwinnett County Courthouse.  We "eloped" one Friday morning and then stopped for Mexican food on the way home. :-)  Our families knew of our impending wedding, my mother was the first person I called right after we got married to share the good news!

Our anniversay book. 

On our first wedding anniversary I decided it would be special if we wrote something in a little blank book on the day of our anniversary.  Years ago I had come across an old book that was a yearly diary of Christmas Day.  When I say yearly, the woman from the late 1800s only wrote an entry on Christmas Day.  I had always loved this idea and thus the idea for our anniversary book was born.

The first entry in our anniversary book.  I love writing on the handmade paper
Every year Clint and I write about our past year together on the date
of our wedding anniversary.

Very special gifts Clint has given me over the years have been his poems he has written me or about me or us.  How more special is that, someone taking the time to pour out their heart and soul?

I love you, Clint!  Happy Valentine's Day!    xox ♥



Shady Del Knight said...

Cindy, I couldn't be happier for you and Clint. You are an ideal couple. I wish you a very happy Valentine's day, my new friend!

Sabine said...

what a beautiful love letter for Valentine's Day
With hearts for your love.

Franz said...

Cindy,Clint,congrats you are a lovely couple!!


Mamie said...

What a wonderful story and photo's . Thank you for sharing them .
Happy Valentines Day !

Nova said...

Thanks for sharing these very intimates moments.

Clint said...

I ran across this post today by accident. What lovely sentiments and how beautiful you are. Fortunate indeed am I to have found you.

Cindy Ellison said...

Ahh ... how sweet! I had not known you had revisited this post in December 2011. ♥