Friday, March 11, 2011

Angel Sandy

The Beautiful Angel Sandy


These beauties were left outside our door yesterday
by Angel Sandy

Yesterday I had a message on my phone, it was from my friend and neighbor, Sandy.  She's been very busy these days learning a new job.  We were away from home at the time when I received her message that our water on our street was to be turned off for a period and that she had left some things outside our door for us.  Sandy is always leaving gifts outside our door.  I want to thank you Sandy, the tomatoes and avocados were delicious!  We all love tomatoes around here and these were truly a special gift.

Sandy and I both like tea and she left me all these different
teas yesterday with the tomatoes and avocados.  Sandy, as I told you the other day,
we are past due for one of our afternoon tea breaks!

This has been shared on Facebook but I wanted to post it on
here, too:  Valentine's Day, outside my door, more gifts from Sandy ... chocolate truffles and other
gifts including ...

A favorite magazine, thanks again, Sandy .  It was
so nice to relax and get lost in this magazine.

Two things I learned that are essential for spring 2011 ...
that side part and red lips!

Back to yesterday, when Sandy was leaving me the phone message, she had been in my thoughts yesterday morning.  Yesterday I made the following photo while at a clinic of some writing Sandy did to honor a beloved physician.  Sandy had me to do the script for it and she had it framed.  This "plaque" has hung in this medical office for several years and for the first time yesterday, I made a picture of it.  (I had never told this physician I had done the lettering until a few days before he retired several years ago)  Once again Sandy had given someone a very special and meaningful gift.

Sandy wrote the words above to honor a beloved doctor. Later
 he became our family doctor.

Detail from the framed piece ...
I wrote out Sandy's words to help her with this loving project.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for
thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Hebrews 13:2   KJV


Clint said...

Sure am glad we've got neighbors like Sandy! I love tomatoes and avocadoes---and remember those pralines she brought us a while back? Dang!---I'm hungry!

Cindy Ellison said...

I know it! Remember when we took her pralines with us to New Orleans? I could do a blog just on the clothes and shoes she has given me! I have been wearing that one top for years!

Shady Del Knight said...

Sandy is indeed an angel, Cindy. In a day and age when most of us don't even know the names of our neighbors or anything about their lives your relationshop with Sandy is truly something special. I am a tea lover, too, and also love to eat healthy, adding lots of colorful fruits and veggies to my diet. I very much admire what Sandy wrote about that physician. Anyone who brings humor to the table and has the power to movitate others to make life altering changes is the type of person I want in my world. So is Sandy. If you read this, Sandy, I would love to have you as a friend!

Sabine said...

What a lovely angel.
Greetings Sabine

Cindy Ellison said...

Thank you Shady and Sabine ... sounds like a singing duo :-) I appreciate you both for your visits and commments.

P.S. Where oh where are you Sandy?