Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Day with Ginny, Part I

One of Ginny's creations using glass beads, vintage
jewelry and family mementos.

Ginny and Dan, December 2011

Recently on my blog, I had mentioned meeting Ginny and Dan through some mutual friends.  We met them again at our friend's Christmas party and Ginny and I talked of getting together.  Ginny is an artist and her husband Dan is also an artist and architect.  Yesterday was the day for Ginny and me to meet.

We met for breakfast in Dallas at the Corner Bakery.  We had a good conversation, actually a very deep conversation (love those kind) and learned more about each other's lives.  We left the Corner Bakery for Ginny's house, she lived nearby.  I had been wanting to see Ginny's and Dan's work for a long time.

The moment I stepped inside Ginny's home, I was overwhelmed!  I loved Ginny's art and was impressed at the amount of work she has completed since she started doing Zentangle last September.  I didn't know what Zentangle was either but it is a "method of creating beautiful images from repetitive designs and patterns."

Even Ginny's switch plates are works of art!

Wow!  An example of Ginny's work!  This piece may be
an entry in a local art show, she is making a decision.  She was explaining how
she sees images in her designs that appear after
 she has completed her drawings.

Ginny had these works displayed on a table, I love
the arrangement and the framing.

She is dedicated, she works on her art everyday.

Of course I loved this trio!  What great designs
and colors combinations!


Ginny and Dan made this chandelier!
She strung together the prisms and crystals.  I love the
shadows cast upon the ceiling.

Dan made this special stand for Ginny.  Hanging
are more beautiful strands she made for another chandelier.  What makes their chandeliers more
special is she incorporates old family pins, broaches and other sentimental
pieces into the design


I love chandeliers, prisms and crystal so I just stood there looking
at these and was totally mesmerized!

These pieces will find themselves in one of
Ginny's chandeliers!

In Ginny's studio ... it's fun to see behind the scenes.

Ginny standing in her studio!
It was full of treasures!

This beautiful back splash was made by Ginny!


I also found it most impressive that she can
also paint in a realistic style.

We left Ginny's home and headed to mine.  I gathered up some of my work to show Ginny and took her on a tour of the house.  We talked about different kinds of papers, books, ink pens, my airbrush, ideas ... 

It was a wonderful day!  There are so many things I wanted to share about Ginny, Dan and their family's art,  I am going to have to do a part II of this blog.  Wait until you see Dan's art ...


Clint said...

I was pretty much blown away by her---and Dan's---artistic ability and creativity. I really enjoyed hearing you talk about your day with Ginny, and how much fun you two had.

Great post!

Shady Del Knight said...

I can see why visiting Ginny's home and studio left you awestruck, Cindy. I love the beautiful colors and patterns! They remind me of the psychedelic 60s. The chandeliers are magnificent and I'm sure the light they give forth and the shadows they cast add unmitigated charm to a room. I wish that I had been blessed with artistic ability. I am happy for you and Ginny for having the gift and the satisfaction and fulfillment that come from utilizing it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cindy for making me feel like Queen for the day. Your blogs are so interesting. I wish I had the gift of writing like you.

Cindy Ellison said...

Hey there, Ginny! Thank you for the sweet message. I was in awe of everything yesterday, wanting to know all the stories and what fascinating stories you had to tell! I just know you will enjoy having a blog.

We both enjoyed the owl and turtle photographs. You surely made an A+ on your photography project today!

Take care, I hope to get up Part II tomorrow!

Cindy Ellison said...

Shady, thank you for your thoughts. I had thought of the same thing, Ginny's paintings bringing back memories of Peter Max and the psychedelic 1960s. BTW, Peter Max is still around.

Shady Del Knight said...

Cindy, I just wanted to share with you and Ginny something I saw today on my friend Lenore Nevermore's blog:


Cindy Ellison said...

Would you believe I have been a follower of Len♥rNeverM♥re for several months now, the Hendrix portrait was third on my today's blogger reader list. Such amazing work and then the large donation to cancer research ... a winning combination.

Thank you, Shady, for calling this to my and Ginny's attention!