Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Daydreamin'


It is a slow day in my blogworld here in Texas.  We had two house showings today, spaced a couple of hours apart.  Today I did not get to spend as much time on the computer or writing a blog.  I did make two photographs today of a squirrel, I was trying to photograph some beautiful large crows, they flew away and all that was left was a squirrel.  Yes, a slow day indeed if I am photographing rodents.

So I decided I would do some daydreamin' ...


Clint said...

Daydreamin' with you is a wondrous thing! You are so creative. I love you!

Shady Del Knight said...

I love vintage movies and spent the entire year of 2007 watching as many pre-1960 films as possible on TCM, including silent pictures. I also love vintage movie art and have a gallery of framed original horror and science fiction movie posters in my home. Here is an important point that I would like to make, Cindy. Even if old movie posters weren't my thing I would be highly motivated to look at the ones you presented here, study them carefully, and try to understand why you find value in them. Why? Because you are a wonderful new friend and I want to experience the same things that you have experienced and have chosen to share with me. You are a blogger who knows how to cultivate quality relationships and, at the end of the day, that's really what blogging is all about. Earlier today one of my other blog friends expressed frustration because she lacks inspiration and doesn't know what to blog about. I suggested to her that it doesn't matter what she writes about or how long or short it is. I believe that the best and most important part of blogging is meeting new people and making a meaningful, life affirming connection with them on a regular basis. Most of that takes place here in the comments section, not in the post itself. This is where the action is!

Anonymous said...

amen to Clint and Shady Del Knight... couldn't have said it better.
(((( Cindy ))))
love you, sister... u r simply beautiful!

( patti )

Bitch said...

What a lovely daydream...
The old movies are not really my thing, but
sometimes they just can relaxes us.