Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Little Prince Bambi

A twelve year old girl very happy with her dog.

One of my greatest dreams was to have a dog.  Not just any dog but a chihuahua.  Well, that's not totally true, for many years I wanted a collie like my favorite TV dog Lassie.  That was my favorite TV show.  I am old enough to remember when one could order a dog from a Sears and Roebuck Catalogue.  We didn't get the Sears catalogue but my cousins always had one.  I would turn to the dog page and start dreaming.

Getting back to wanting a chihuahua, I had heard a chihuahua would cure asthma.  As a child, I had severe cases of asthma and being able to breath better made me want a magical chihuahua more than ever!  It was after my parents divorced but one day my dad arrived with a chihuahua.  Prince lived for 14 years.

Sly one he was!  Pretending here to be asleep.  (With open eyes?)

Would you believe around this time I never had another asthma attack.  Maybe I outgrew it but I love to believe that Prince had something to do with it.  ;~)

P.S.  Tomorrow hopefully I will get back to visiting my favorite blogs and putting in my two cents!  :-D I have been working almost all day on transferring my health insurance from TX to TN. I had to reapply here. I am exhausted.  Not to mention being the object of a scam involving my most expensive etsy painting on Saturday morning and spending 2 hrs and 23 mins online Sunday ,while once again, McAfee was making my computer receive updates again and "fixing" this invalid key business ... for the second time since April.

I think I need some red wine ... NOW!


Clint said...

You do indeed need some vino. I will pour.

Now, about this business of Chihuahuas....Smallest pooch I ever had was a Daschund that weighed in at 25 pounds. Then I had a nice-sized German Shepherd and then a combination Rottweiler-Pit Bull. Now, THOSE are dogs. I suppose a Chihuahua is a fine pet for a female, but a guy needs a REAL canine.

Cindy Ellison said...

Prince did a good job of holding his own! I am glad I was able to meet your precious Ellie and Roxanne.

Shady Del Knight said...

I'd recognize that bright smile anywhere, Cindy. I always resented my mother for not allowing me to own a dog. I begged her for years but the answer was always no. My mother was one of those women who obsessed over maintaining a spotlessly clean house. She dreaded the thought of a dog shedding hair all over the place. Since I couldn't have a dog of my own I compensated by lavishing love on the other dogs in the neighborhood. One was a sweet little Daschund named Chestnut who loved me more than she loved her owners. Chestnut barged into our house whenever somebody opened the door. She couldn't wait to get to me knowing that I would spend a couple of hours petting and scratching her. Dogs are good for what ails you, Cindy, and I have no doubt that your magic Chihuahua had something to do with your improved health.

Anonymous said...

Aren't dogs wonderful? You surely loved your little one with all your heart and he, you in return. I had a white german shepard, the runt of the litter, she had so much heart. All 60 lbs. of her would be my running partner and growl at men as we ran by them. She stayed faithfully by my side until having to be put down at age 14, because of bladder cancer. I can never replace her.
Anonymous aka Carol B.

Clint said...

Carol---Believe me, I feel your pain. My beloved Ellie was a blessing to me, too. She will always be a part of me.

Nova said...

How cute, my parents are having a chihuahua too, he is 15 years right now and never had asthma.

If you like to see him (last picture)



Cindy Ellison said...

Clint, I sure know how much you loved Ellie. You lost Ellie around the same time I lost Lashy. Another thing we had/have in common, we both had pets in our lives until around 2002.

Shady - It was sad to read about the way your mom felt about you having your own dog. Our house was the opposite when I was growing up. Prince was our only dog but we also had cats. Talking about a pet cemetery, when I think about what is buried in our old back yard: dogs (strays that died or were hit by cars), cats, squirrels, gold fish, gerbil, hamster, birds, horned toad, colored Easter chickens ...

Those Daschunds are such sweet dogs and so full of love, no wonder Chestnut ran into your house every chance he could. Dogs need and love that attention. (Humans, too!) Speaking of dog hair, I am going to write soon about Lashy, the fear of hair reminded me of Lashy.
I am sure Toto means the world to you and you the world to him! Thank you for sharing your story, Shady!

Carol, I know from experience how sad it is to have to put our beloved animals out of their misery but it is the loving thing to do. I also have to say, it is one of the HARDEST things to do, too! I don't even want to think about my emotional times in a veterinarian's office. I break down when I walk in and can't talk. My mother or daughter would have to take over for me. (And sometimes they were as upset and speechless as me!)

Thank you, Carol, for sharing your story about your sweet German shepard. No, you can't ever replace her. (I hope soon you can stop using the "AKA" in your comment, what is going on with this blogger business?)

Petra - What a precious long haired Chihuahua! I went to your site and saw his picture. I hope I understood with the language difference that his name was Tommy when I made a comment. Your animal story of the cat having the kitten in your bed takes the cake! :-)

Thank you so much, Petra, for taking to time to visit me and leave a comment!

Shady Del Knight said...

Sweet and lovely reply as usual, Cindy. My Toto is a female, however. Mrs. Shady picked her name! (LOL) Toto will soon be age 12 and has a heart murmur and other health issues. I know that the coming years won't be easy for her or for us. There is great joy and great sorrow involved with pet ownership.

Cindy Ellison said...

Mr.Shady, Mrs. Shady has great taste ... I love the name "Toto"!

Crown of Beauty said...

What a pretty 12 year old with her Prince... really pretty. I am a dog lover too, so I read this post with much interest!

I think small dogs are cute.

At the moment I have two female dogs - one is a dachshund named Princess, a.k.a. Patches, and the other one is a half dachshund half Basset hound named Samantha, who we call Sammy for short. Dogs love unconditionally, and are very loyal.

Cindy, I am sure that your chihuahua had something to do with the disappearance of your asthma.

I hope that scam problem is fully resolved by now.