Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Mishmash

This great quote  came from Making Things Happen 

A few weeks ago Clint joined a 24/7 fitness center.  He had been trying to encourage me to join the center.  Not sure I was willing to commit, I told him I would give it some thought.  Many of my "thoughts" come to me around 4 AM during my insomnia periods. Thinking about some of the regular devotional books I read in the mornings (other times too), I just knew I would find some encouragement in these books concerning my decision. After reading Charles Spurgeon's Morning Evening, I started re-reading my now-out-of date Our Daily Bread. It is so true, "In sports and in life, short term pain is often the only path to long-term gain."  Truthfully, I knew what I needed to do as I think most of us do.

Last Monday I signed up and joined!  I love it!  There's been a lot to learn about the equipment.  Clint made me out a "routine" and I have been using it as a guide. My first work out day was Wednesday and the only day I took as a break was yesterday. It's so good to be around people doing something positive and see how hard they are working.

Clint and I like to go early, the fitness center is only a ten minute drive from our house.  I like the 24/7 concept.  You scan a card to enter and there are 911 "buttons" to push on at least 4 posts if you had an emergency. This morning there were a few minutes that we were the only two present.  The owner said the first eleven weeks he had signed up a thousand members.

Love the quote on the bottom, "Present choices
determine future rewards".

My crumpled routine that Clint planned out for me.
I've been keeping it in my pocket.

I laughed when my sister remarked, "You did 40 ab

No, I wish!  The 40 was referring to the pounds.

Changing the subject, in my previous post I had written about the death of my aunt and my brother.  There are so many coincidences in my life.  When I was working on my recent post about my Chihuahua, while looking for old photos, I ran across this very old ink drawing that my aunt did of me on notebook paper.  I looked at it for a few minutes and thought of her.  It had to have been around the time she passed away.

My aunt had written my name on the pinafore ruffles.

Recently I had written about us buying a new dining room set and buffet.
The table and chairs were new and we searched for an antique buffet/server.

Early yesterday morning I loved the way the sun was shining in the window.
I want to believe that the old and the new matched quite well. :~)

Last Monday I came up with an idea of a "Pizza Party" and had some of my family come over
My sister, my daughter and grandson came over. I suggested the idea of Bring Your Own Pizza since it seems everyone has their own idea of the perfect pizza.  We had a good time and it
was so good to get together.  My sweet sister also brought us a new bird feeder.

My daughter Lucinda brought a Chicken Alredo Pizza. 

Clint and I prefer the thin crust and have recently discovered
Papa Murphy's Pizza.

I also made an angel food cake with fresh strawberries.

What is it about a soon-to-be six year old boy and a
                   whoopee cushion?  (Or to quote  Clint, what is it about a 58 year old woman laughing about it?)                                                  

I know, we have no class
and were sooo totally uncouth but ... 

(It was fun!)

Lucinda brought these chicken wings with Sweet Baby Ray's
Golden Barbeque Sauce on them.

They were a favorite of Clint's.  Such a favorite that
the next day he bought himself another pound!


Clint said...

You named this post right: "A Mishmash". Man, you got something for everyone in this one---from BBQ wings to Whoopee cushions. And, what is it about bathroom humor that makes you laugh like a hyena? Ha. You almost drive me out of the room when Larry the Cable Guy is on the telly.

Congrats on your first successful week of working out!

Cindy Ellison said...

Oh please, did you really have to share with the world that I laugh at Larry the Cable Guy? I have an image to maintain on here ... a woman of substance, class, mystery and there you have gone and burst my bubble! ;~D

(Let us not forget the time you almost lost your breath when watching Larry the Gable Guy?) You may remember the one about shaving the woman's back?)

Shady Del Knight said...

After all you've been through over the last few days, Cindy, it's great to read this upbeat post of yours and realize that you are able to laugh again, appreciate the sunlight streaming in on your buffet server, and that you have been able to continue your gym workouts uninterrupted. It takes lots of discipline to stick to an exercise routine and a double tragedy like the one you endured would give most people an excuse to shelve their fitness program. I admire your determination, Cindy. Your aunt's drawing reveals her artistic ability and it will remind you for the rest of your life how much she loved you. I pray that you will continue to gain strength and momentum one day at a time and that life will soon seem normal again. God bless!

Sara G said...

Sending big hugs! How was Papa Murphy's? We have one here but have yet to try. Looks yummy! And wings mmmm!
Keep going on the exercises! I'm happy for you to be able to go and try new machines. Even when I don't feel like going to "gym" aka therapy for me, I come out feeling refreshed even if my body is yelling at me.

Crown of Beauty said...

The quotes you shared are so true - short term pain is the path to long term gain...

I am glad you have decided on joining the fitness club. It is good to see how everything is falling into place for you and Clint.

I think you should frame the ink drawing by your Aunt. It's so special...

Yes, the buffet table seems to be a perfect match for your dining table and chairs.

I love pizza too...

Cindy, this post was just so heartwarming.

Laughter heals the broken heart...


Cindy Ellison said...

Thank you, Shady, Sarah G and Lidj for your kind words and thoughts. A long day, I will be back tomorrow and will comment then.

I am behind!

A big thanks to my blogger friends! ♥

Patti said...

I sure do love you ((( cindy )))
what a sweet, sweet find with that drawing done by your aunt... I saw your name on the pinafore... looks like her creative abilities rubbed off on her sweet niece :-)

Crystal Mary said...

Hi Cindy, So sorry to hear about your aunt and brother.. no words can ever express a sadness. Glad you have taken up a gym. I used to go daily but have fallen behind and the pounds are mounting. I used to walk and run and was always slim, now I look like a tank and month I get a new knee so hopefully will get into better shape. Keep up the good work and well done.

SweetMother ;) said...

The leap into working out sure takes a lot, but once you're in the habit, how rewarding it is!
You're in my prayers as you go through these difficult times Cindy :)
Thanks for sharing!
Blessings to you.