Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Diary

June 21, 2011

Dear Diary, how many years has it been since I have been away?  As you are aware, I started writing in my
diary when I was ten years old. There were not that many years that I did  not write in my diary but this last
time I stopped has been quite a few years ago, around twelve years to be exact. I have a blog now, that is somewhat similar to a diary since it is a "scrapbook" and record of my daily life.  I have "met" so many wonderful people on my blog.

Today my sister and I attended a meeting to discuss my aunt's will.  We met at a Chinese restaurant and as you can see, I have pasted only one picture in you.  That was as far as I got. Afterwards I did not even walk over to the beautiful lake and make a photo. I will have to say the Chinese food was the best I think I have ever eaten.  This restaurant has been around for almost thirty years, I had forgotten just how good it was.

The trees in the background can barely been seen, the wind
and rain was so intense.

Early this evening I was getting ready to take a bath and at first thought it was
my imagination that the lights flickered in the bathroom. I looked out the window into our back
yard and was thrilled to see some lightning bugs. It has been many years since I had seen one. I have been planning a blog devoted to lightning bugs and hope to get it done soon. Yeah, I know, some people
refer to them as fire flies.  A few seconds later my attention was drawn skyward at some
very fast moving dark clouds heading in our direction.

Never in my life have I ever been so surprised by how quickly the
weather changed. Within minutes the lights were out and the rain and wind was so intense, I grabbed my cell phone (to be able to call 911 later), my purse and flashlight.  (Still don't know how my purse was gonna save me).  I just knew the windows were going to be blown out, Clint is yelling for me to get in the hallway but he said later it was though he had not said a word to me. I was in a panic. There were many downed trees and we had  no electricity for over five hours. This storm ranks in the top three I have ever experienced in my life.

June 22, 2011

Tonight we had another violent storm around the same time as the one last night.  What is going on with this weather?  I had made the remark that another reason to move from Texas was to escape the violent storms. ha

June 23, 2011

Dear Diary, I am not making this up.  Tonight we had another bad storm!   Some of this activity occurred after we had gone to bed. This time Clint became more alarmed than me, I must have slept through some of it since I was not that alarmed. He couldn't believe I did not hear the worst. (Now Clint, do you believe me when I told  you I was exhausted? ;-))

The next morning my sister had sent me an email that read, "bad storm, are you up". She had actually seen our road named on the local weather channel as an area to be hit.  Yesterday there were still people in this area without electricity.

June 24, 2011

One of my brother's obituaries (finally) was published in one of the newspapers.  My sister had told me my brother had a friend, an elderly gentleman, who is in bad health and on dialysis. He and my brother had talked to each other daily and he had  become alarmed that he had not heard from my brother in a couple of days. This friend had called my sister recently and had talked with her for some time about my brother. We listed this man as a "special friend" in the obituary.

As soon as the paper came out, my sister drove to the friend's house and just happened to catch him and his
son returning from dialysis and going into the house. I was happy that she was able to give him a copy of the newspaper. The son told her he has gone downhill even more now, that he had a "touch" of pneumonia.

Being so very careful to spell the friend's name correctly, it was misspelled in the newspaper.  My sister
called the newspapers' attention to it, it was corrected in the online obituary and they agreed to run the corrected version in Monday's edition.

It seems typos are rampant in obituaries.

June 25, 2011

Having missed only one day of working out since I joined about two weeks ago, I am convinced this
has saved my life. I know that is a strong statement but I believe it is true. I had not been feeling well, mostly from all the changes and stress from the past year.

My confidence has increased some, I was not even intimidated today when at one time,
I was the only woman the place!  There were seventeen boys and men present. I've even made an appointment with a trainer next week for a personal assessment.  Hey all you single woman
who are looking to meet someone:  A fitness center such as this might be a good place to meet other like-minded people (men)  ... someone doing something positive and healthy in their lives.

Anyway, I am feeling so much better mentally and physically!  I have more energy.  Today I actually could see some definition under my upper arm ... the beginning of a firm muscle!

I am anxious for the day that I put on one of  my "littlest" black dresses.  It's sleeveless!  :~D

June 26, 2011

Well, dear diary, it was good to visit you again after all these years.  I have been away from my blog for too many days and need to get back to it.  I need to get all my new ideas on here and plan on doing so in the next coming days.

I'll be back, see ya later  ....


Clint said...

It's nice to get to read your diary! Glad you didn't have any surprises! Yes, I agree---working out regularly is just about the best thing we can do for our bodies.

Cindy Ellison said...

Thank you, Clint, for encouraging me to work out. If you had not been doing it, I probably would not have started it. We both have to encourage each other. (Will you be ready in about 30 minutes to work out?)

kelli said...

lovely post, cindy. xoxo

Shady Del Knight said...

Clint is a great success coach, Cindy. You are lucky to have a supportive spouse rather than one who constantly tears you down.

Your diary was an exciting read. Your close encounters with violent weather reminded me of the summer of 2004 when Central Florida was the target of three hurricanes in a row. I felt shell shocked! Look at it this way, Cindy. There have been many storms in your life recently and you have survived them all.

I applaud you for sticking to your fitness program. It never ceases to amaze me how seldom I feel like exercising and yet how great I feel afterward. When we tell ourselves that we're too tired to exercise why can't we remember that exercise actually energizes us? It also makes us more capable of handling stress and helps us to sleep better. The list of benefits goes on and on. I agree that the gym is a good place for singles to meet. It's infinitely better than a bar. However there are always some who use fitness centers more for hooking up than for working out.

You wrote: << I need to get all my new ideas on here >>

Those words are key. When you are brimming with new ideas it's a sign that you are rebounding from your recent losses and ready to begin an exciting new chapter of your life. That makes me very happy, dear friend.

Sabine said...

A diary is like a friend to whom you can confide everything.
Greetings Sabine

Emma said...

Cindy, thank you for sharing your personal thoughts from your diary with us. Those storms sounded scary! Weather can be very strange like that! I was also very saddened to hear about your recent losses, know that you and your family are in my prayers.

Also thank you for your kind comment on my video, I admit I was very nervous about opening up myself to my readers on camera like that but I'm glad that I've done it now and truly appreciate all of the wonderful support!

Emma x

SweetMother ;) said...

Amen to what Shady said about how lucky you are to have an encourager rather than someone who tears you down! I am in the process of attempting to get motivated to begin working out myself. I did really well for about a year, and then with the stress of recent events, I have really slacked off to almost zero activity at all.
I really want to run a marathon...or at least a half marathon next summer. Maybe reading this was just the thing to kick me in the pants & get me going....maybe it will 'save my life'!!
Thanks!! Blessings to you!

Crown of Beauty said...

I enjoyed reading your diary, Cindy.

We used to have fireflies flying around our back garden during summer nights. Lovely to watch, and we could even catch them (without harming them) cause we were fascinated by how they flicker

So relieved you and your house were kept safe during the storm!

And yes, the workout is really good for you! Hope we get to see a photo of you in that "littlest" sleeveless black dress you mentioned.

Blessings on the new week ahead of you!


Cindy Ellison said...

Such special comments---Kelli, Shady, Sabine, Angela (SweetMother)and Emma! Thank you, everyone!

Kelli, it's good to see you this Sunday. I know you could write a book on healthy eating. I admire your dedication and the way you are educating others about diet and food.

Shady, I know what you mean about having a terrible spouse who constantly tears one down, we all know they're out there! :-( Looking back I can remember those hurricanes that hit Florida in 2004. Speaking of being "shell shocked", honestly, I felt that way the other night. Drained and shaky. Hard to realize until you do it but exercise does energize you. Thank you, Shady, for your encouraging words, now I have to get busy and get those ideas posted! ;~D

Sabine, I am loving your new profile picture. Thank you so much for your comment and visit! ♥

Angela, I know how easy it is to not exercise when we have so much going on in our lives, including hard times and stress. I hope you can get back to working out and running. Clint's philosophy is to not think about it, just get out there and do it. Sometimes I know it is hard, some mornings I am literally putting one foot in front of the other. Tonight I just got off the phone from talking to my daughter, I think she is going to get a membership at the same place we go. She lives nearby. Maybe she and I can encourage each other, too.

Emma, you are so very sweet, thank you so much! I am anxious to see what you are going to show us next in your video. But ... I also love your fashion shots so we all need to see those, too! You did a wonderful job because you were being your beautiful self and it came through on the video. I am not sure if Donnacha has seen your video but know he will love it! ♥ Cindy

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
My name is Poet Starry Dawn.
I enjoy reading your amazing blog.
Great food for thoughts and water for the soul, sweetheart. Yes!! I agree with you.
Thank you for sharing your superb artistic talents with the world, Cindy!!
God keeps blessing you and those you love!!
Love in Christ,
Poet Starry Dawn.

Vilisi@islandmusings said...

Thank you Cindy - I enjoyed reading your diary.:)