Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Cookie Contest

A month or so ago I posted a photo of a 113 year old wax head.

Today I am posting this photo of a 4 year old cookie. I
have to inject a little humor here.  :~D  This cookie traveled
from Dallas, TX, to Knoxville, TN, aboard a hot Mayflower
Moving van and survived!  You can see some of the green
leaves at the top crumbled a little.

This cookie won 1st Place in the Dallas Morning News
Holiday Cookie Contest in 2007.  It was created
by Sandra Entrican of Carrollton, TX.

Sandra had a winning streak of at least 10
years of winning 1st place in the Decorated Cookie category.  Sandra's cookies are truly works of art.  After the judging, the finalists are able to get samples of the cookies.  Sandra's cookies are highly sought after, I learned you want tobe seated near Sandra's cookies when the announcement is made that samples can be gathered.  Each woman/man for her/him self.  I was fortunate enough for two years to be able to get Sandra's cookies.  I admit I ate her last award winning cookie of a penquin.  One can only imagine how long it takes Sandra to complete one cookie.

Last year someone else's entry put an end to Sandra's winning streak.

This photo was made in 2007 when I was able to get the cookie
 when it was fresh.  Sandra told me some people coat
their cookies (works of art) with laqueur.

A photo of my Orange Squares that
won 1st place in the Easy Category
of the Dallas Morning News Holiday Cookie Contest.
(Sorry for the small image size)

My friend Betty made this for the bulletin board
of our Sunday School Class.  Thank you again, Betty!

My Raspberry Dream Bars won 3rd place in 2009.

These cookies I called "Latte Cookies"
were a finalist but did not place in 2006.

It is such fun to gather the samples to bring home along
with the recipes.  We would get to sample the cookies and make
new friends during the cookie judging.

Tiramisu Cookies

I had high hopes for these cookies, they didn't place but
they were quite tasty!  This was a practice run.

It was a lot of work entering the Dallas Morning News and Central Market Holiday Cookie Contest durning those years but it was worth it.  When I first read about the contest,  I boldly announced to Clint, "I"m gonna win this contest",  and was so happy the day I called him with the news.  First place winners win a $150 Central Market Gift Card.  Of course it was not about the gift card, it was more about "could I do it?"

This morning I received an email from my Plano friend, Cherrye.  She had sent me a link to the Dallas Morning News Recipe of the Day which was featuring my Raspberry Dream Bars.  Thank you, Cherrye, it was exciting to think the recipe was published again in the newspaper.

Here is a link to the recipe of my Raspberry Dream Bars:


kelli said...

wow, you're quite the baker cindy! congrats on your published recipe! i love raspberries.=)

the pear cookie is exquisite. thanks for sharing!

Shady Del Knight said...

I forgot all about that poisonous snake outside my garage door, Cindy, but I'm still having nightmares about that century old wax head! (LOL) I enlarged the picture at the top of your post to get a look at how the leaves wore off that decorative treat in transit on the Mayflower. Oh well, "that's the way the cookie crumbles." (LOL) Okay, enough of my lame humor. I never realized that your extensive list of talents includes cookie and dream bar baking. Everything looks delicious! I gained 5 pounds just looking at all of those goodies. You are awesome, Cindy, and I'm glad the folks back home are being reminded of it.

Sara G said...

All the sweets look yummy. I had not heard about cookie art so neat! Thanks for sharing with us.

Clint said...

Listen...those dream bars were incredible. I would love to tell everyone about them but words do not suffice. One must actually bite into one to begin to feel the sensation of heaven...I heard angels sing; I saw a bright and beckoning light; I felt a serene, yet passionate welling in my core. My palate, my tongue, my teeth and gums all cried out in an extreme joy and I began to lose consciousness due to the extreme explosion of perfectly blended flavors.

Can you make some more real soon?