Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Rewards

Two Broyhill chairs in totally pristine condition
found at the Knoxville Area Rescue Mission (KARM)
Thrift Store.

The location in the photo is NOT where the chairs will stay,
we have to empty boxes of books before they go into our bedroom.
Last Wednesday in the middle of my 40 minutes on the tread mill, I was thinking of running into the thrift store next door after I finished my walking.  I was thinking of running into the store as a little "reward" or "treat" for all my hard work of exercising. I was wanting to look at some tee shirts, I have been needing more cotton tee shirts.  It is important that I note I was giving myself a non-edible reward.  Most of my life I have given myself edible rewards and using food to celebrate the least likely of events ... such as Fridays, getting my computer fixed, finishing a painting, Ground Hog's Day ... well, you get the picture.

Clint and I have been looking for two upholstered chairs for our bedroom. Most that we have found were around $700 for two plus around $100 for delivery.  I forgot all about looking for tee shirts when I walked into the thrift store and saw these two perfect chairs. They were in such perfect condition, not a single flaw to be found. They had to have been donated by a furniture store.  I called Clint, he took a look and agreed, we bought them and they fit perfectly like a puzzle piece in the back our our SUV.  The two chairs were $116 and we were told that amount would feed 71 people at the mission, I am assuming 71 people for one day. That was even more thrilling than finding the chairs!

My little reward or treats as I have called them are small ones, I know. I'm also sharing the simple act of buying a can of paint. Simple but how many times do we see paint described as magical? 

The KARM Thrift Store located at 3555 West Emory Road in Powell, at
the corner of Emory and Clinton Highway. 

For one of the bathrooms I did some online research and chose
Benjamin Moore's Aura Spa Paint in Prescott Green.

Prescott Green is one of their "historical colors",
I like their historical colors.  I'm sure when I start painting
this bathroom I will have to show some "before"
and "after" pics.

(This photo is not very accurate in displaying
the true color.)

"Funny" how this "Aura" can of paint is already
emitting an aura and I haven't even
opened it yet!

Let's see ... what can I give myself as a little reward today?  Maybe light a favorite candle and set up my new little stereo in my room, listen to music as I begin the huge task of getting this room in order.

(I know, Clint, this will make you very happy )


Clint said...

Yes, that will make me happy---but what REALLY made me happy was when you discovered those chairs! Unbelievable. Thank you!

Shelly said...

That is a wonderful find! You get a blessing while you help to bless others. And, great work on your exercise and the new way of rewarding yourself. Way to go!

Shady Del Knight said...

If we rewarded ourselves every time we needed to get our computers fixed we'd all be blimps, wouldn't we Cindy? I mentioned the other day how we became anchored as children to the smell of baked goods that our mothers, aunts and grandmothers prepared for us and soon began to equate food with love and comfort. That's fine if you're eating raw fruit or a tossed salad with no dressing but you know where I'm going with this. Fortunately I never had a problem with my weight other than being underweight at times in my life, but I did fall into the trap of rewarding myself with cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. It took many years until I was able to identify those things as enemies rather than friends.

Those chairs are beautiful! Mrs. Shady and I learned a long time ago to shop at the Goodwill and Salvation Army stores in our town. We obtained a handsome table and chair set in fine condition a year ago and it fit perfectly into our breakfast nook. We also regularly donate unwanted items to both of those stores because one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Green is my favorite color and I love historical shades. I can't wait for you to display pictures of your finished bathroom. A fresh, unopened can of paint is a metaphor for hope and possibility, of progress and achievement yet to come.

Nova said...

WOW...nice chairs, I like them and the price is really cheap. Enjoy them.


Anonymous said...

Love your chairs!! There is nothing better than a great thrift store or

a good garage sale, I do love a bargain. Keep on keeping on.
Love ya, Ginny

Cindy Ellison said...

Thank you Shady, how true we would be blimps if we rewarded ourselves everytime we had to have the computer fixed. My "fixing" involves trying to comunicate with someone in India for hours that does not speak good English. I need a stiff drink after this! Just kiddin', here we go again with unhealthy rewards! It is smart of you and Mrs. Shady to purchase items from Good Will and Salvation Army. When we moved, we gave furniture and other items to Good Will and The Salvation Army. I can just imagine how neat the table and chairs look in your breakfast nook. Green seems to be a popular color. Just this morning I received a Facebook msg from an old friend of mine, she saw my blog link on FB and was telling me she painted her entire bedroom with the Prescott Green that I had bought. Great comments, Shady, thank you for sharing!

Shelly, thank you for your thoughts and encouragement. You have inspired so many with you blog.

Petra, it is always so good to see you. Do you have some good thrift stores where you live? Thank you for stopping by.

Hello Ginny, I know you like thrift stores and antiques. Hope things are going well with you and Dan. Looking forward to hearing from you. Keep that artwork going! Love, Cindy ♥