Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Stilled Voice

In the early 1980s I bought an old scrapbook at a flea market.  The scrapbook had been kept by a Knoxville woman and I often wondered how it had ended up at a flea market.  It was full of old letters, newspaper clippings, greeting cards and photographs.

Tucked inside a white envelope were two old newspaper clippings from 1931.  For some reason, this story made such an impression on me, I can't forget it.

Detail under the photo of Miss Mildred Turner.  She often sang in the
church choir and also sang at Knoxville radio stations WNOX
and WROL

This event took place in 1931.  Mildred Turner "slipped away Saturday with two boys for a trip to Pineville, Kentucky," according to Miss Eva Webb who roomed with her.

Edward Bayless, driver of the car, collided head on with a five-ton tobacco truck rounding a curve near Bull Run.  Mildred Turner was killed and three others were injured.  The article goes into gruesome detail on how the "vehicles are telescoped".  I can't bring myself to write the gruesome details, maybe that is why I have never forgotten this story.

One quote I will share:  We were coming toward Knoxville, about 35 or 40 miles an  hour, I guess.  Suddenly the oncoming headlights loomed up, somebody yelled and after that it was 'curtains' for me.

I am going to call this article the "second" article
 in the envelope.


The "first" article that was in the envelope.

This "first" article describes an accident in which Bayless was a passenger in a car in which the driver was killed in a tobacco truck-automobile collision within a half mile of the accident that claimed this young singer, Mildred Turner. Here are two very similar accidents, three weeks apart within a half mile distance, each claiming a life involving a collision with a tobacco truck.

Detail from headline, Edward Bayless is not expected to live,
according to the newspaper.

In 1989, I was reading a local newspaper and once again,
here is the name I had remembered from that long ago article.

I dug up the articles and it all came together, this was the man in the
accidents and he had lived to be 82 years old.

(I blurred out family names)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fright at the Museum

This past August Clint and I visited Williamsburg, Kentucky and stayed at the Cumberland Inn. It was a very nice hotel and is a property of the University of the Cumberlands. The Cumberland Museum at the hotel complex is home to several collections. Among them are the Henkelmann Life Science Exhibit, the Dehoney African animal trophies, artifacts and stories and the Rodney Lee wildlife collection.

First of all, I feel sorry for these poor animals, there were some signs displayed that said the animals were found dead before they were "stuffed". We walked through the free museum before we left that morning for Cumberland Falls.

CLINT?  This party animal is still at large, last seen in 2010 in
Texas at a neighbor's Halloween Party. 

(In his pre-Cindy days, he went to Myrtle Beach on vacation
and had not realized until he arrived it was Black Biker Week.  He
bought this t-shirt as a joke.  I painted him a fake snake
tatoo with the snake head showing on one side of his neck
and the snake's tail showing at the other.  I know,
totally creepy!  You should have seen the shower
after he washed this black spray out of his hair ...  yuk!

BTW, the Ellison home is a tatoo free environment.  ;~}

Unnatural looking to me ... notice the tiny cub at the bottom.

When I hear the expression "butting heads', it takes on a new meaning after seeing
this display.  These white-tailed deer were found on the south shore of Lake Superior
in 1929.  They had died with their horns locked. 

These deer were displayed at the Chicago World's Fair in 1933.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Enter at Your Own Risk!

Several months ago we went to Gatlinburg in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Today I am displaying photos of faces seen on the streets of Gatlinburg.  Two of the faces shown are of real humans, the other ones faux humans.  Can you pick out the two real humans?

Also, a message to my dear blog friends and followers.  I know that "some" of you don't take too kindly to wax figures (snicker, the sadistic side of me is emerging ;~D) . I promise on this post there are no 113 year old wax heads or any other wax figures.  It was such a hot day on the streets that day, any wax figures would have been a liquid puddles on the streets.

As a precaution, if anyone should experience some sort of anxiety attack while viewing these photos, have the paper bag nearby and repeat after me:  These are not wax figures, these are not wax figures, these are not wax figures ......

May your tour of these ghastly faces and figures begin ...

Round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows ... or cares!

♪♫  Brylcreem, a little dab'ill do ya    ♪♫

(A haircut wouldn't hurt either)

Open wide!  Hmmm  Maybe we should first discuss our payment plan ...

Man of few words ...  his face says it all.

This guy reminds me of Ozzy

A human sized G I Joe

An old tycoon

A Robin Williams wannabe on a bad hair day

Ah come on, your face won't break if you smile ... well it might indeed with those scars!

This guy creeps me out!  There's something about those eyes!

Harry Potter, what are you doing in this mix of creepy characters?

If you hit the target, this babe is dunked into the water!

(Beware of the tsunami)

(A Deep breath is in order here)



Saturday, October 22, 2011

October People, Places, Things and Thoughts

Yesterday Canyon sung with Clint and he is here showing him
his 12-string guitar.  Canyon has an interest in learning
to play the guitar. 

Please ignore unmade daybed in background ;-/

Recently I bought this candle and loved the scent
description on the candle:

Golden nectar, juicy mandarin and red delicious apple blend
with toasted cinnamon,  mulled cider and freshly harvested berries.

Oh, by the way ... it smells heavenly!


A rainbow this week.  My daughter called me to
inform me of it and I was able to tell her I had already
made  photos of it.

We think alike.

Spanish moss that to me appears as a ghostly
apparition on the morning we left North Myrtle Beach.

I didn't want to come back home.  We had such a wonderful time.  Next year I had
thought of renting a  place on the beach for an entire month.  I wonder if we could
pull this off?  :~D

Fall scents and smells from Starbucks.

A picturesque little scene when we stopped for gas in Chandler, NC.

A little treat Canyon picked out  yesterday.  He announced he did not
like the "white stuff" but said he liked its brains ... the cake inside
the top.

(I don't want him to eat junk like this often and he doesn't)

One of those moments when several weather conditions come
together with that dramatic lighting.

Clint and I have begun to watch Breaking Bad.   We started with this
DVD of the first episodes.  I had not expected to like it but
it has captured my attention.  Bryan Cranston has won the Emmy
Award three consecutive times for Lead Actor in a Dramatic Series.

Hard as I may try, I can't stop taking photos of some of these sunsets!

Canyon presented me this drawing.  I think it's very good.  He
informed me he did not know until he finished that it was heart shaped.

Yesterday morning I was hearing loud male voices yelling outside.  The driver of
this truck was delivering the home (double wide) of our new neighbors that will be right behind us.

We aren't exactly happy about it.   I just hope they aren't loud, have the "Redneck
Yard of the Week" recognition or target practice at home.  The "hedgy" growth
 back there is thick but we may plant some kind of evergreen trees along the fence.

This sky reminds me of the background of "Gone With the Wind" when
Rhett and Scarlett are fleeing a burning Atlanta.

Clint and I got new phones a couple of days ago.  Oh my goodness ...
so much to learn, it is almost comical.

Tuesday my son-in-law drove himself to the ER.  Canyon is sitting here
in the waiting room at the hospital.  There is something wrong with this
picture.  My son-in-law was at another hospital known as St. Mary's.

How confusing!  The guy behind the ER desk seemed bewildered that
there could be a mix up.   One is called St. Mary's North and the other St. Mary's in
North Knoxville.

My son-in-law had emergency appendectomy surgery on Tuesday.  He had to return to the
hospital yesterday afternoon.  I am hoping and praying he gets to come
home sometime soon.  He's on our minds today.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lasting Beach Memories

A visitor beside me while sitting on the beach.


The couple behind Clint seem very happy embracing!

The pier at Sunset Beach

The single crab we caught and released within minutes.
It was fun just being together on the beach at night.

The SkyWheel at Myrtle Beach.  My daughter, son-in-law and
grandson took a ride on it. 

The look of diamonds glistening on the water.

The sunrise on the morning we left for home.

The shrimp trawler, Miss Carolina Ann

Our brie cheese, fig preserves topped mini toasts!
I do love these things!

We enjoyed these nightly reflections

It was Canyon's idea to do a "cheers" as he called it.  :-)

Our dream home on Sunset Beach which is
north of North Myrtle Beach where we stayed.

Clint strolling again on the beach

A "drawing" done by the sweeping movement
of the grass.

View from the beach at night.

I would have never dreamed this was October.