Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day Two at Myrtle Beach

Even small farm animals are not immune ...

(even with a missing ear)

Enjoyed seeing these 8 by 10s at breakfast yesterday
at Akels Family Restaurant on Highway 17.

Scene from the grounds ...

Yikes, a sandwoman ... my husband can't be far away!  :~O

Look out women!

No brain, no head ... does not matter to him!

(Well, let me clarify that ... except for his wife!)

Clint likes a little shrimp and hashbrowns with
his cocktail sauce and ketchup.

Hard to believe it is a day in October.


Clint said...

OK, in all fairness to moi, I think it should be pointed out that I very much like farm animals, sand women and headless folk. It's not my fault. My daddy was that way, too. I presume it is a genetic thang. And that picture you show of me dressed like a wild man of Borneo is pretty low, since we agreed you would not post that. I am planning my revenge now, and I expect it will be sweeeet.

Cindy Ellison said...

I am still laughing when I think about the man who was sitting on the park bench at Barefoot Landing and saw you "kissing the cow". I followed your orders to make the picture as quickly as I could so you would not get caught! Here I am sharing it with the world!

Shady Del Knight said...

I'm surprised you had time to take all of these pictures, Cindy. You spent most of your day commenting on my blog! (LOL) (That was very sweet of you and greatly appreciated!) Looks like Clint's been working out. Maybe all that cocktail sauce and ketchup has the same effect on him that spinach had on Popeye! Clint's "interests" are many and varied as evidenced by these photos. My advice: keep him away from those alligators! (LOL) It looks like the weather is gorgeous and I hope you two are having a wonderful time way up there in the north country. Thanks again for being such a superb blog friend, Cindy!

Anonymous said...

Did you sleep late this morning, Cindy....Clint beat you to posting. :)
Glad you both are having a wonderful time.

Cindy Ellison said...

Shady ~ You had mentioned highway 17 in your comments, we are staying on 17. There have been many changes here, we even got a little lost finding this place. I am not sure The Bowery still exists, I read it is the place where Alabama played in their early days. I knew them back in their early days when they were known as Wildcountry, they played in Knoxville regularly at Flannigans. After Knoxville they would head to Myrtle Beach. Clint's old office used to be in Fort Payne, their hometown. We may be going to Murrell's Inlet for dinner! Thanks for the idea! ☺

Cindy Ellison said...

Hi Carol! Hope things are going well with you! We always appreciate your visits. Clint got busy and quickly got up his blog. My family has arrived now, we have all kinds of things to cram in a few days. Thank you, Carol! ♥