Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Scenes From Home


I will have to say we enjoyed the white twinkle lights on the
side lights.  The lights were even prettier from inside the house.
I applied them with very thin and short pieces of clear packing tape.

On the 23rd, my daughter, son-in-law, grandson and my sister came over
to eat and play games.  For a change we had homemade lasagne, salad and
garlic bread.  I never knew a game of Old Maids (so PI I am surprised
we could even find a deck) could be so much fun!

Canyon and Lucinda are pictured here playing Jenga.  It is a  fun game
if you have never tried it.

When Tracy and Lucinda arrived, they came in carrying this mouse and a tale.
They informed us that Canyon would not be with us this evening, he
had turned into a mouse ... this particular mouse that danced to
"Jingle Bell Rock" when you pressed the yellow dot on the right foot.  (Of course
Canyon couldn't wait to come in the door and show us he was "only kiddin'".

Canyon, I have to hand it to you for imagination!  You've got a great one!
Always keep it.  ☺

Canyon is not the only one with an imagination in the family!  It took
quite an imagination for my sister to come up with the latest creation atop
Clint's head!  A cap with an instant "bad hair day" built right in it!

Love my old vintage ornamaments

It was so good to sit down on Christmas morning and enjoy a piece
of my sister's apple sauce cake with coffee.  Thank you, Patti, for giving us this
cake.  It is delicious!

More favorite old ornaments on our living room tree

Some of my old Gurley candles, notice the bent steeple on the little church.
These survived the hot heat in the moving van when we moved.  These
little candles were sold in dime stores many years ago.  Somewhere I have some
shaped like lamp posts.

Christmas tree ornaments belonging originally to my great-grandmother.
My grandmother used them every year on her tree.  I take them out every
year just to feel them and look at them. These were not put on a moving
van when we moved, I brought them in the car.  My mother-in-law
gave us the beautiful cut glass dish.

This year we had no decorations outside our house.
I came up with the idea of doing "window displays" as
a form of decoration.  I always loved the old department
store window displays.

A small tree grouping on our buffet as part of the
dining room "window display".

We kept Canyon on the 23rd, most of the day.  Canyon has expressed an interest
in chess and Clint was enjoying this first lesson.  Clint has been playing chess
on his new phone and wants to get back to playing it on a real board with
real pieces.

Such an amazing smoke pattern from some burning incense

Tracy with another one of Patti's creations ...

Lucinda with Patti's version of a Neapolition ice cream cap!

Our Tennessee mantel is so similar to our former Texas mantel

Detail from our mantle ...

Leave it to Clint to give a new meaning to the term

About those red eyes, my sister brought these Rudolph Red Noses that lit up and blinked.  We got creative with them and used them not only for noses but for eyes! They were not blinking in unison so I had  to make several pictures to get them both lit at the same time. (No, not Clint, only the eyes)  ;~D


Clint said...

Thanks for the great recap of our Christmas. It was a wonderful week of food and festivities. I had a blast and only gained 500 pounds.

Shady Del Knight said...

Well, here I am, dear Cindy. I decided not to unfriend you after all! (LOL) I enjoyed this pictorial essay on Christmas 2011 at your lovely Tennessee home. That cardinal closeup is wonderful! When I look out my window I usually see several pairs of cardinals at my feeding station. They are tenacious little birds and I love to observe their habits. You did a marvelous job of decorating. The window and mantle displays are beautiful. I am fond of pure white twinkling lights at Christmas. You are wise to display your great grandmother's antique ornaments in a glass dish rather than risking damage by hanging them on the tree. If Canyon turned into a mouse that danced to "Jingle Bell Rock" then I invite him to join my mickey mouse club and become an honorary Dell rat! The picture below the one of the mouse leads me to believe that Clint has a condition known as "drinker's nose." (LOL) I would have eaten two or three large slabs of that apple sauce cake with half a pot of coffee. It's great to see pictures of your family and all the smiling faces. I looked closely at the incense smoke pattern and lo and behold it spells out the words "Blog friends are real friends." I am honored to have your friendship, Cindy, and I hope that 2012 will be the greatest year of your life. No one is more deserving.

Blue Cotton Memory said...

What a wonderful Christmas! We're having our first Tennessee Christmas in 2 years - and we are so glad to be back here in our own home. I love your trees in your dining room - and your special ornaments in a dish. I put some of mine on candle sticks this year - and loved the result! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Nova said...

I love your pictures, and the one with the smoke (pattern) is amazing!!!

The cake looks very delicious, and I can see that you had fun. Wonderful Christmas time...the way it has to be.

Over here it's still this time, because the presents to the kids are given by the Three Holy Kings...

Greetings to you ♥

Emma said...

Happy Christmas (belated) Cindy! It's lovely to see what you and your family got up to! I love all of the decorations, I only wish I had some as beautiful! It looks like you all had a wonderful time together!

Emma x

Crown of Beauty said...

I absolutely loved this post with all the wonderful pictures. The lights on the sides of your door, the blue lights on the tree... Clint with the bad hair hat... Old Maid and Jenga are so much fun to play...

your vintage decors... oh, everything .

Did you know that I have placed your blog on my sidebar as one of those blogs with a Touch of Elegance?

CIndy, I couldn't let this year end without my dropping by here to let you know I am thankful to God for the gift of your friendship. I have no doubt that the New Year will usher in blessings of peace, joy, hope and provision for you and for me!

Love to you

Cindy Ellison said...

Wow ... such sweet and loving comments on this post! Thank you all, so very much. "Funny" ;~( how not one of my 189 Facebook "friends" made any comments on this the other day when I put a blog link on there.

Tom, such kind and caring words, thank you. You are lucky that you have pairs of cardinals at your feeding station. Right now we have one pair. We have one up to some antics, I may post some pics on my blog soon. An interersting and true smoke pattern you found in the incense smoke. You were able to keep up your blog quite efficiently while you had a house full of guests! You should be applauded. (Sound of applause) Thank you for all the time you have spent for almost a year commenting on my blog, I was reading this morning of how time is a gift, it truly is a gift, one I think that is all too often forgotten. Happy New Year to you and Mrs. Shady! Thanks, again! Don't party too hard! ☺

Blue Cotton Memory ~ It was so nice of you to stop by and leave me such a nice compliment. Thank you so much! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. May you all have a blessed new year in 2012. ♥

Petra ~ A big hello to you across this big world! Thank you so much, I'll say it again, I do appreciate you coming here and sharing your thoughts and sweet compliments. I liked reading on your blog about the "Three Wise Men" bringing gifts to the children. I need to learn more about this custom or belief. I am wishing that you have a wonderful and healthy new year! ♥

Emma ~ Happy New Year! I am going to head over and reread your blog post. I read it this morning, have some things going on here today and am commenting during breaks. I am happy you had a wonderful Christmas. I know about those changes in traditions. They can be a little uncomfortable but the passing of time helps. I will write more on your blog ... loved those polka dotted hose, I have some like those!Thank you for your compliments on the old ornaments. The angel one I bought a few weeks ago for a dime at a thrift store. :-) Happy New Year to you and Donnacha, may it be a wonderful and creative one for you both! ♥

Lidia ~ What a sweet message! That means a lot to me that you put my blog on your side bar in a place of honor with the Touch of Elegance blogs! Thank you, when I read your comment, I had to go share what you wrote with Clint. I am blessed, too, to know you. Your writing is incredible and you are such a loving and faithful person. I am happy you and your daughter had a wonderful and loving time with Ernie's sister. I know you and Obedient One were very happy to be together. The pictures showed such happy people and again I am telling you how beautiful and warm everything appeared in your Christmas photos. May you have many blessings and peace in the new year!Thank you, again, Lidia.


Chatty Crone said...

Okay I'm a little slow here. I have been a follower of Clint for a little while and how I missed you I don't know. So sorry.

I loved your pictures of your home, Christmas, and lovely family.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Cindy...May the Lord continue to bless you and Clint ...and I am thankful he thought it a good plan to bring our paths across one another < including your craaazy husband Clint > ... you both are such good ppl and I enjoy that ...and I do enjoy your photography....Happy New Year from Arkansas USA

Cindy Ellison said...

Chatty ~ Happy New Year to you, too! Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I appreciate your sweet words. I need to check out your blog. Clint has some very thoughtful women follower and I am sure you are one of them! Thank you, again, Chatty for your visit and kind message. ♥

Rhonda ~ Thank you, Rhonda! Yes, it could be said we are a craaazy couple! I sure hope you had a wonderful Christmas in Arkansas. Last year Clint and I spent the night of December 23rd in Arkansas near Hot Springs. His brother live there. We like Arkansas and have been there often. May you have many blessings during the year 2012, Rhonda! Thank you, again! ♥

Emma said...

Oh Cindy I loved hearing all about your new year's eve in your comment! I can definitely recommend Hugo, I saw it recently and loved it, such a magical film!

Emma x

Crystal Mary said...

Hello Cindy, You and Clint have such happy times..I can read the love in every pic. That cake looked delicious, and your family had a true traditional Christmas, of peace, contentment and joy.Great to see.
I hope you get to Rogersville one day. A good time to visit is Heritage Day, you will find it on the net. My church back there has great singing. The Pastor and his wife should be famous they are so good. I went to Crossroads Assembly just before you get into the town of Rogersville from 11W.
No, we didn't get to see the place you asked me about when we visited SD. We did get to Mt Rushmore, and Sturgis which was a bit rough for me.
You and Clint sure had a perilous trip out there. I would have been terrified. The angels protected you and got you both safely back home. Bet you were so glad!Love Crystal xxx

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