Monday, June 25, 2012

Into the Chardonnay

Thursday morning around eleven, Clint and I headed to Atlanta, Georgia.  We stopped on the way for about 30 minutes so it took us around four hours.   I drove to Dalton and from there Clint drove the rest of the way.  I am not fond of driving in that Atlanta traffic, especially 285 that circles Atlanta.

We visited his mom at her retirement community and we always enjoy our visits.  She reserves us a fabulous room for visitors and we have every thing we need. I am talking First Class.  On Thursday evening we stopped by the pub.  Mind you, this pub is right down the hall from my mother-in-law's apartment.  She has the "best seat in the house", referring to her apartment.  The dining room is also right down the hall and their most exclusive restaurant, too.  Oh, there's also the bistro around the corner.

Getting back to the pub, we stopped by there for a drink and always enjoy being with her friends.  We have come to know many of them, we visit quite often.  I was sitting across from Clint and his mom, gazing into my glass of chardonnay and who should appear?  Clint and his mom!  Gazing into my hazy crystal ball, I mean wine glass, their image appeared before my very eyes!  Of course, anyone knowing me knows that I would hurriedly grab my camera and capture this apparition.

Okay, Cindy ... (talking to myself), enough nonsense for one Monday afternoon. 

Eileen/Mom, we had a wonderful time and thank you very much!  We also got to visit with Clint's daughter.  Diane, it was wonderful to be able to visit with you, too.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Early morning mist at Cove Lake State Park.

Yesterday I took off for the day.  I got an early start and spent the day around LaFollette, Tennessee, visiting my mother and my cousin.  I had never been in my cousin's backyard and was I ever amazed!  The pictures will show the reason.  She and I had a wonderful visit and enjoyed our lunch at the Cove Lake State Park.

The day began with this fiery sky.

This mama has her "ducks all in a row."

We had a delicious lunch at Cove Lake State Park.
What a view!

Cove Lake State Park
LaFollette, Tennessee

My cousin's boat below her house.  She lives on the lake.

The breath taking view behind her house.

I would want to sit on my deck everyday with such scenery.


Friday, June 15, 2012

My Old Stomping Ground

 My mother used to call this area her old stomping ground.  These photos were made near Norris, Tennessee, at and around the Norris Dam area.  My mother graduated from Norris High School.  I could say it is my old stomping grounds, too, since I have been to these beloved sights so often in my life.  They all hold a special place in my heart and it was so wonderful to visit them again recently after a long absence.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crossing Paths

The tranquil river view George was enjoying as he sat there
smoking his cigar.

Sunday Clint and I were scouting out potential fishing spots. We headed out for a spot on the Clinch River. I was familiar with this river access from long ago, my famiy had often fished there.

As we pulled down the little gravel road to the river, the first thing we noticed was an old truck. I do mean old truck.

There was a man sitting on the river bank smoking a cigar, enjoying the majestic river view with his best friend Fred. The man went on to explain he was not fishing that day, he had only brought Fred so he could cool off in the river.

The stranger's name was George, he said he had moved to this area from southern California two years ago after having visited a friend here. He made the decision after the visit here to move here, saying "it was the most beautiful place he'd ever seen." He left some famiy members behind in California. In his past he told us he had worked as a carpenter and a mechanic. I couldn't have agreed more with George's statement about this area's beauty. I was thinking of my own desperation to return home to Tennessee.

George's best friend Fred cooling off in the Clinch River ... I had said "Smile Fred" as I
snapped this picture.  Contrary to the way he looks in the photo,
he was very friendly and lovable.

Oh, about that truck ... I had noticed it had a California
tag in front.  It was a 1952 Ford and was not just
any old truck ...

George's truck had been used in the production and
promotion of the hit TV series

Sanford and Son.

 George made an impression on us. We left wondering about George's "story". Clint and I are always wondering about peoples' "stories". Often we say, "I would love to know his or her story." We all have a story. They are so darn fascinating to me. Within minutes of meeting George, I was thinking he was an interesting character. Yes, it did cross my mind that he would have been a good blog subject but he was there enjoying the peace and solitude of the beautiful day and I wanted to respect it. Our entire encounter only lasted about 20 minutes but Clint and I are still talking about George and Fred. It's still a mystery to me why this stranger has made such an impression on us. We can't explain it.

Just had to pull up the old Sanford and Son theme song. My mom and I used to laugh together when we would watch it. It brought a smile to my face as I just listened to it and watched it.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Strollin' Down the Lane

Slug or snail?  I asked this question on FB today when I posted this pic.  I have
to admit this close up creeps me out, it is too snake-like for me!  This critter
was crossing the road this morning.

I get so bored sometimes walking on our little lane.  Today I decided I'd take my camera.  It does feel so good afterwards to know my walking is behind me ... all 40 minutes of it.  We to to the gym almost every day, too.  Clint is taking a break from exercise today but I feel fired up to go.  This morning I was thinking of the Christopher Columbus quote when the crew members were urging him to turn around.  In his log book he wrote, "Today we sailed on."  That is what I do most everyday, even with all the other things in my life unfolding around me,  I sail on.   Anyway, here is what my trusty little camera saw today: 

Our chicks and hens are thriving, having survived two cross country moves.
My dad's cousin gave me the starts for this plant, she was growing them in her dad's
old leather boot.  BTW, they are very happy being back in Tennessee soil.

It would make me very happy to have these beauties adorn our mail box.

Love these vivid red and stunning gladiolas.

I noticed over the roof tops the moon was fading to make
room for the rising sun.

How could I truly mention boredom with the ability to see all these wondrous scenes before me? 
 (I am a little ashamed of myself.  I am not counting my blessings as I should and taking some things for granted)


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time Traveling

Here I am standing at the over look at Norris Dam in the fall of 1966.


My husband Clint standing in the same spot as I was
above in May 2012, 46 years later.



My sister Patti and I standing by a tower at Norris Dam
in the fall of 1966.


It's a little difficult to see but I placed an arrow at the "tower"
where my sister Patti and I were standing
in the previous photo in 1966.

A 2012 arial view of  Norris Dam.


Patti and I at the grist mill near Norris Dam on
Labor Day, September 1965.


The same spot as above 47 years later.  This photo
was made in May 2012. 

I was struck how much moss there was in the photo.

Father Time, could you slow down a little bit ... please?


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Homemade Peach Ice Cream

The topic of homemade peach ice cream has been discussed in our household for some time now.  I remember the first time I experienced peach ice cream, it was not homemade but still was heavenly to me.  Finally I did something about the peach ice cream, I made some this morning. I experimented a little with the peaches, Clint sressed they needed to be over ripe and these were.  After my wonderful Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker (love this appliance) had done its magic with the peaches, sugar, cream and vanilla, we had some delicious homemade peach ice cream.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Detail from a Portrait

Detail from a recent pencil portrait.  I didn't do the background in black, thought it would be too
overpowering in many ways.   It ended up being an early Father's Day gift for the client's husband.

I took the portrait photo on a dark and rainy morning, the lighting is not the best.  This
portrait was 11 by 14 inches.  I held my breath when I mailed it to
Connecticut, insured it and hoped it would arrive intact.

It was mailed USPS and did not arrive on the day that was expected.  I tracked it
down and found out it was four miles from the client.  She called this local P.O. and the
postal worked checked and told her, "Yes, it's was sitting there in the back."  It should have
been delivered three days previously.  Next time I will try my luck
with UPS.

Reference photo for the drawing.