Saturday, June 2, 2012

Detail from a Portrait

Detail from a recent pencil portrait.  I didn't do the background in black, thought it would be too
overpowering in many ways.   It ended up being an early Father's Day gift for the client's husband.

I took the portrait photo on a dark and rainy morning, the lighting is not the best.  This
portrait was 11 by 14 inches.  I held my breath when I mailed it to
Connecticut, insured it and hoped it would arrive intact.

It was mailed USPS and did not arrive on the day that was expected.  I tracked it
down and found out it was four miles from the client.  She called this local P.O. and the
postal worked checked and told her, "Yes, it's was sitting there in the back."  It should have
been delivered three days previously.  Next time I will try my luck
with UPS.

Reference photo for the drawing.



Clint said...

Totally coool. Glad you finished this project because now I can start hearing about your next project. Ha.

Carol Blackburn said...

Wow, Cindy.....that is beautiful. I think you need to give Clint a "honey-do" list. He seems to have too much time on his hands...LOL. Hope your weekend isn't being rained out like mine :(

Kelly-Marie said...

Cindy this is stunning! You are so talented. xx

Shelly said...

You are so amazing, Cindy! You not only capture their likenesses so stunningly, but I feel you capture their spirit in your portraits, too. Remarkable!

Nova said...

Wow...that's looks so real. You are really so talented.

Have a beautiful sunday and greetings

Crown of Beauty said...

I know you are an artist, just from the many times I have been on your blog, but seeing this portrait done from a photo, well... I have no words to say at the moment, except that it is beautiful!

What a great gift you have been given, Cindy.

I have not been able to visit many blogs these past months... but this time I decided to stay a bit on your blog place. Listened to your song... beautiful! And read your encounter with thieves write up...

Here we are, never having met face to face, yet reading one another's personal stories. I find that simply amazing.

Do give my warm regards to Clint.

Thanks for your special visit to my blog place.


Emma said...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this Cindy! I didn't know how gifted you are! You've really captured your subjects! I'm blown away!

I look forward to seeing more! ;)

Emma x